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murasaki LINE

Discussion in 'Dear Diary' started by murasaki, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. murasaki M V U


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    May 17, 2009
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    these entries just something on my mind that i'd like to write it down, but not to share with others


    About ME

    Sally Yanita Rusli
    January 20th, 1987

    I had my childhood in a town named Cirebon, it was a really nice
    and i would say perfect childhood
    my parent really spoiled me for everything i want
    i become somebody selfish, but thanks to GOD i'm aware of that
    i'm trying to be as modest as i could
    that childhood last till junior high school
    i always get what i wanted
    what i desired, i could get, even on a relationship
    but i'm not the only child, i have my younger sister, you should amazed with me now
    as an older sister, i always have myself over my own little sister
    i'm here to write down about me

    I have my own rebeling time in high school
    it's still a secret for most of you
    so just wait when i tell it piece by piece
    i had something stopped me from rebeling, thing that could hit me badly to wake up
    to wake up to reality
    my mother's death
    i had lost both of my parent

    I had ST. to extend behind my name
    thanks to Architecture faculty in Binus University
    present time, still lives in Jakarta

    This is almost all part of my life here
    A bit details might forgotten, but it's all here
    This is who I am

    What interest me the most right now
    ❤ is something purple, thats why my nick is murasaki, that is purple in Japanese
    and my current email is murasakis_lovers

    ❤ is anything related to TVXQ, mostly about Junsu
    he has the most beautiful voice, charismatic style, he is BORN TO SING
    yet he got cute, funny and have an angelic pose in other time
    he is KIM XiAH JUNSU

    ❤ is writing...
    but not exactly now, it was already interest me in the past
    its just that i don't have enough time

    ❤ is listening to musics especially ballads that have slow and flowing rhythm
    is reading novels, comics
    is watching video, movie, drama
    and the last is sleeping

    About XiAH JuNSU



    Stage Names: Xiah, Xiah Junsu, Junsoo
    Birthdate: December 15, 1986 (registered January 1, 1987)
    Birthplace: Gyeonggi, South Korea
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 63 kg
    Blood Type: B
    K-pop Group: Dong Bang Shin Gi
    Position: Vocals - Middle high
    Talent Agency: SM Entertainment
    Religion: Christian
    Hobbies: Piano, Soccer



    The first time Junsu is interesting to me was in Come To Play. The way he talk was so soft, first time to see a man with such soft voice. He talk with manners, so shyly. And when he talk about his first girlfriend, he looks so bitter to recall about that girl.

    Another thing that amazed my about Junsu is the way he sing. I saw it on MTV white day, on Bolero part. So passionately, really show how he really into singing. And most of his fans agree that he is BORN TO SING.

    Junsu's wide smile could cheer me up all day, so bright and full of happiness. Junsu's angel pose could push changmin away from his cute concept (in their first year after debut). And still cute if he do it shyly. Junsu's eu-kyang-kyang laugh is his trademark, even sometimes unconsciously, i laugh like that. Junsu's stare could make me melt. His dance skill is great. He moonwalk to anywhere, even to bathroom. The way he play the piano as in piano battle with TaeYang, so amazing. The charisma, so manly when he perform in stage. The dorkiness, when he is joking around with others. Love the double personality. His body has perfect S-line. This could lead you into the famous Duck-Butt. Hairstyle from his debut till now looks good on him. Even there is the time that he couldn't choose his own fashion style, right now Junsu always looks so hot in semi formal style or in jeans and boots. Don't forget his handsome face.



    Junsu is so caring. He shows his love to his family. Being a singer to achieve his mother dream for being a star. He is the perfect example for being a good son. He always support his twin brother in Junho showcase recently. He thought of TVXQ's member as a family, he said that he couldn't be him right now without them. Junsu loves Eunhyuk so much even they like to argue with each others. Junsu looks cute when he was shooting for AAD3 with Xiahki. They both like to put their tongue a lot.




    Resignation, All Rise, Beautiful Thing, Because of You, Timeless with Zhang Li Yin, White Lies, My Page, Talk Play Love, Promise You, Daydream with AnyBand, Rainy Night, Korean National Anthem in Hollywood Bowl, Picture of You, Xiahtic, Mozart Musical as Mozart,Tears of Heaven as Jun, Intoxication, Kanashimi No Yukue, Kimi ga Ireba, Too Love, I Can Soar, You Are So Beautiful, Elisabeth Musical as Death



    Junsu's positive mind, he was saying that that he is a perfection. He is optimist. He do sports, especially soccer that he love the most, he looks so energized by talking about soccer. Computer games, even in his tight schedule he could manage to play on internet game. His strong will to pass the bad times when he had his voice change. 6 years of training. His bright personality that makes him a mood maker everywhere.



    동방신기 hwaiting~!
    영웅재중 hwaiting~!
    유노윤호 hwaiting~!
    믹키유천 hwaiting~!
    최강창민 hwaiting~!
    . . .

    Junsu: 시아준수 hwaiting~!

    01) Name: Kim Junsu a.k.a Xiah
    02) DOB: December 15th, 1986
    03) Nicknames: Borisu, Chicken...etc...
    04) Bad habits: I clench my jaw a lot.
    05) Religion: Christian
    06) Fav. Quote: Give my all to things I'm working on.
    07) Bloodtype: B
    08) Height/Weight/Shoe Size: 170 cm, 49 kg, 265 mm.
    09) Family: Dad, Mom, Hyung, and Me
    10) School: Neung Gok MS.
    11) Hobbies: Piano, singing, dancing...etc...
    12) Specialties: Singing, arguing with Hyukjae.
    13) Sleeping Habits: Using my arm as a pillow.
    14) Something good about myself: Everything, I'm too perfect.
    15) What I think of myself: Perfection.
    16) Fav. number: 2
    17) Fav. Season: Autumn
    18) Fav. Food: Almost everything.
    19) Least Fav. Food: Most of the things Hyukjae likes to eat.
    20) Fav. Singers/Celebs: Kangta, N'SYNC
    21) Fav. Sport: Everything, especially soccer. (But the kids don't let me play with them)
    22) Fav. Flower: Pumpkin flower
    23) Fav. Colors: Blue, Purple.
    24) Thing I do to pass time: Play computer games.
    25) Places I go most often (excluding home): SM, School. library, book stores...

    26) Most confident thing I can cook: Ramen
    27) Songs I like these days: Polaris- Kangta.
    28) What do you prefer: coffee, milk, soda: I don't like them all, but from that list: soda.
    29) Most important being in my life: Myself...
    30) Person I like least: Hyukjae
    31) Kinds of people I detest: In one word: LEE. HYUK. JAE!!!
    32) Something I'm worried about: Hyukjae keeps talking back to me.
    33) What I think I was in my past life: a prince!
    34) If I could be reborn: awoman.
    35) When I want to get married: when I'm ready and my life is all in order.
    36) What I dowhen I'm mad: Go and beat Hyukjae.
    37) Places I want to fix on my face: I'm too perfect, there's nothing to fix.
    38) My dream/goal: Singer, song writer, owner of a managing company.
    39) Dream Salary: 100000000000000000000000000000000000 won.
    40) My least liked feature: I like everything. ^0^
    41) Something that happens everyday: Hyukjae steals my clothes!
    42) I like/love someone right now: Nope!!!
    43) Jinxes: None.
    44) Something I could go back and do: Go on the stage while singing and dancing.
    45) What I most regret in my life: Not hitting Hyukjae when I had the chance.
    46) If I left a will before I die: hi!! Hyukjae!! ^0^ (TN: I have no clue what that is)
    47) Prized Posesstion: My cell phone.
    48) What I want to say to people full of themselves with Prince/Princess Syndrome: Keep going on like that and you'll die!!!
    49) My ideal mate: Someone that gives me a strong feeling.
    50) -
    51) What do you think of ladies who try and find seats when there are none in Subways or Buses: .....
    52) Do you ever want to beat a small kid: Only if they're like Hyukjae.
    53) What kind of kids scare you: bad kids.
    54) If you were to dye your hair, what color would you die it: Black.
    55) Most memorable Movie: titanic, armagedon
    56) Most memorable day during MS: First day of school.
    57) If you were to be in a drama what kind of character would you want to play: Hyukjae's older brother.
    58) When do you most not like your friend: When he talks back (ahem, Hyukjae, ahem)
    59) What do you think of guys who wear makeup: it's okay as long as they don't wear a lot.
    60) Makeup vs. No makeup on women: no makeup.
    61) favortie book (comics can be included): Slam Dunk, I read it with Hyukjae...
    62) What can you make with green onions and eggs: ramen
    63) Country I want to visit most: France, the city of love and art~
    64) If I could get any domestic animal: Dog (I want to name him Hyukgoo)
    65) Favorite song to sing at karaoke: I hate singing karaoke.
    66) Things I stress over most: my voice.
    67) Someone I want to meet the most in the world: Korea's first king.
    68) What would you do if you found 1000 dollars in the street: I'd give it to Hyukjae, aren't I sweet? ^0^
    69) Something different about it being 2001: One more year and it's world cup time baby!
    70) Do you believe in ghosts: Yeah, no wait, no I don't.
    71) -
    72) Do you think there's a time in your life when you can be happy anywhere and anytime: YES!
    73) Do you sleep over at people's house a lot: Not really.
    74) Something I need right now: Synthesizer, things I can compose music with.
    76) What game am I best at: Anything, Hyukjae always loses to me.
    77) What would you say to someone who's about to die: BYE!!
    78) When did you ever feel like cursing yourself?: When I lost an arguement to Hyukjae.
    79) What do you do when you can't fall asleep: I just stay awake, what else can I do.
    80) What would you do if you were walking and you farted when it was a quiet: God, Hyukjae that's nasty!
    82) Good/bad thing about our country: Hyukjae.
    83) Foreign language I want to learn: Japenese.
    84) My complex: My voice sounds like Park Kyunglim's.
    85) What is there you want to do: I've done everything I want, so nothing!
    86) Do you find anything wrong with your face or personailty: Nope!
    87) What I do when I'm stressed: Beat Hyukjae
    88) Have you ever wanted to commit suicide: Nope, that's bad.
    89) What kind of teacher do you hate: Any teacher that's like Hyukjae.
    90) Who's a person who gave you the most hope etc: Duhkhyun hyung. I miss you!
    91) What would you do if someone grabbed your things and started running: I'd made Hyukjae run after it for me.
    92) What would you do if you saw a pervert on the street: I'm used to perverts cause my bestfriend is one.
    93) What I think of losers/outcasts: I hate the word.
    94) -
    95) Are you willing to live your life to the fullest: YES SIR!!!
    96) Rain, Snow, Sunshine, Cloudy, Windy which do you prefer: Sunshine!!
    97) Have you ever been attracted to someone you've chatted to online: No.
    98) What you want to say to your friends: I'm finally done answering 100 Q's!!
    99) Future plans: Living life to the fullest.
    100) You've finished! How do you feel: GOOD!!
    Xiah Junsu's vocal prowess (inherited from his mother, who used to be a singer) was discovered at the age of 12 when he auditioned for SM Entertainment through the Starlight Casting System televised talent search, with Moon Hee Jun and Kangta from H.O.T. as judges. Xiah wanted to be a soccer player but after seeing H.O.T perform the song Candy on TV, his new dream was to sing on stage. A year after, Xiah's best friend Hyukjae also made it into SM.

    After entering SM, he begin his training for his future ahead. After three years, a 3 member RnB group was planned with Xiah, Hyukjae and fellow schoolmate Sungmin as the member. However, Xiah's voice change started as he went through puberty and that caused him to be unable to sing. Because of this, he lost several opportunities to debut. Xiah has often felt it was his fault that his other members could not debut as well, even though others have often tried to console him.

    Xiah's voice change continued way longer than an average boy's. While the time was usually 6 months to a year, Xiah's lasted 3 years. During this time, Xiah could not sing and reach notes he could before. His frustration grew to a max when a visit to the doctor told him that he should stop singing until his voice change was over. Xiah could not accept this and would yell out songs and notes he could not sing anymore to counter his feelings. Looking back, Xiah thinks this caused damage to his voice and contributed to his special high-pitched speaking voice.

    When his voice change ended, SM was planning the creation a new group. Xiah was the first member to be chosen for this group. His talent in vocal and dance made him one of the best trainees at the time. The other four members were also leaders in their respective training groups. While the group was still being created, Xiah's personality allowed him to quickly make friends with his new members.

    Six years after Xiah first joined SM, he debuted as a member of TVXQ on December 26, 2003 during a BoA and Britney Spears Showcase with their debut single Hug.
    [Trans] Interview with Xiah’s Mom, “Junsu Moonwalks To The Bathroom.

    (*Exact Date of The interview unknown.)

    ☆ The condition of the bride to be?
    -A Christian lady who believes in God.
    -A person who can support her husband well in every possible way for his best.
    -A person with a good nature.
    -If she can play piano well, it will be nice.
    -Would be even better if she can play sports well.

    ☆ Is Junsu homey/domestic?
    He seem to be able to help you well at the parents’ house, and he will
    not say “this is unpleasant”;
    if he marry, he will help his wife.

    ☆ Which of the two boys are your favorite one?
    I cannot pick which boys are better among younger one or older one of
    the twins.
    They both have their exceptional talents and each has wonderful charms.
    Junho: (Big brother) Stouthearted, handsome and reliable.
    Junsu: (Younger brother) Cute natutured and beautiful.

    ☆ The hope of the mom?
    Junsu desired to be an athlete earnestly, but the parent thought about
    the modern dancing or ballet would be
    good for a figure of Junsu. Parent wished him to play musical
    instruments and learn to sing be a singer or
    a musical actor

    ☆ How does Junsu usually express his love for mom?
    A lot of endearments are expressed by Junsu. He uses the decorated
    letter to mom by a text message
    which has the heart mark in it.

    ☆ Have you ever beat Junsu with a whip when he did not listen to you?
    No, never.

    ☆ When Junsu wants to marry and brought a woman in a house; if mom
    does not like her;
    what would you do?
    I persuade him till the end.
    Because I believe Junsu’s image of the ideal woman resembles the
    thought of his mom …
    (*Mom and son both like the same kind of girl.)

    ☆ Till when did he wet his bed?
    I do not have a memory of Junsu bed-wetting. (*He did not wet his bed.)

    ☆Is he similar to his mom or dad?
    His appearance resembles some mom and more dad.
    As for his build, he resembles more of mom.
    His personality resembles a lot like his dad. They have similar
    character, spreading amiability and
    optimistic attitude everywhere they are.

    ☆ Has the twins made mom cry?
    I have clapped their buttocks when there was a little bit of
    authority-resisting time.

    ☆ Does Junsu wear ▼オパンツ /Opantsu? (Underwear?)
    I hear that all the people dancing a dance must wear ▼ オパンツ /Opantsu?
    (*Translator does not know what this word is. May be it is a special
    brand of tight underwear.
    Any of you readers know what that is?)

    ☆ Something mom think that twins should do?
    Do their best in what they do in life, without holding any regrets.
    Continue to keep their brotherly love a lot and eternally and live
    authentic life.
    Always believe in Jesus Christ and keep their faith, trust Christ
    always and live fulfilling life.

    ☆ The habit of Junsu?
    He moves his body always even when he is standing.
    When he talks with mom, he dances and waves and even when he goes to
    the restroom, he moonwalks……
    There is a time when I said him to keep still because I am distracted
    during our conversation time.

    ☆ If Junsu says that he want to quit being a singer?
    Please encourage him together by telling him to continue it because it
    is his “God-given vocation”.

    ☆ What do you think of a singer Xiah Junsu not looking at him as your
    son Kim Junsu?
    A cool figure who does his best very eagerly. When his figure is
    reflected on the stage,
    I become Junsu fan not thinking he is my son.

    ★ What would you do if Junsu said to make a *** change to a woman?
    I entrust will of Junsu.
    Because I wanted a daughter, possibly I may tolerant it rather smoothly?

    Always Keep The Faith!

    *This interview is not new. But this one is the longer version of her
    interview and I do not think the longer one has been translated in the
    past. Hope you enjoy it!

    source credit: tomomama+sharingyoochun.net+xiahbaidu
    trans by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
    shared by: OneTVXQ.com
    cre: Xiah Junsu forum@AF, XHS


    #1 Murasaki Line
    #2 Dreaming Tonight
    #3 Talk And Tea For Two
    #4 Free Your Mind And Let It Flow
    #5 Here, And Share The World Inside My Head
    #6 Walking In A Rainy Night
    #7 Forever Love And Happily Ever After
    #8 Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou Why?!
    #9 The Way I See Picture Of You
    #10 Don't Give Up, Because Tomorrow Will Come, Definitely
    #11 The Secret Game Of Love
    #12 Shelter Of A Broken Heart
    #13 Ha-Ha-Ha Song And A Happy Easter
    #14 Is There Any Chances That I Could Be A Survivor
    #15 We Keep The Faith Eternally, Midouyo~!
    #16 Colors ~ Melody & Harmony In Love
    #17 Been So Long Since I See You
    #18 Intoxication Of Junsu
    #19 Please Stay With Me Tonight
    #20 Close To You All, Center Of My Heart
    #21 Get A Touch Of Paradise
    #22 Dark Sky In This City
    #23 Untitle
    #24 Crazy love For You
    #25 Asking Myself, Are U A Good Girl?
    #26 All Of This Is Only A Crazy Life
    #27 Kanashimi No Yukue This Very Second
    #28 So I Said Love Bye Love
    #29 Empty In Heart
    #30 Too Love For Junsu
    #31 My Crazy Life
    #32 Why Keep Your Head Down?
    #33 Keep On Ride On
    #34 My (Kinda) Addiction
    #35 White Lies Black Lies
    #36 Unforgettable Memories
    #37 Except Us, Nobody Knows
    #38 Is This Timeless Love?
    #39 Get Ready! JYJ!
    #40 I Think The Story Has Just Begun
    #41 The Memories Are Always There
    #42 ♫ If Anything Bad Girl~ Not Expect This My Love ♫
    #43 Get Me Some JYJ Ticket!
    #44 Don't Cry My Lover #prayforjapan
    #45 Break Out This Self
    #46 Clap Our Hands
    #47 I Got A Story I Don't Want To Believe
    #48 All In Vain Because Of The Cancellation
    #49 The Prince Is Gone, Left A Heart In Pain
    #50 The Force Of Nature
    #51 How Can I Use It?
    #52 My Little Princess's Style
    #53 Imagining Boy's Letter
    #54 Our Game Of Love
    #55 My Love After Love
    #56 Can You See This Darkness Eyes?
    #57 Love Is Crazy
    #58 Before U Go, I Have Let You Go
    #59 Memories, Forever Sweet
    #60 Hey Girl Don't Be So Sensitive
    #61 Back To Tomorrow Where There Is No Regret
    #62 I Don't Know What To Choose
    #63 Mission Started
    #64 When It's Going To Be The Day I Died
    #65 Junsu!!! You Are So Beautiful
    #66 When We Are Holding Back The Tears
    #67 My Confession
    #68 Balloons Flies With Memories - Part 1
    #69 This Is Who I Am
    #70 Have Or Had Long Way
    #71 A Thanks To
    #72 I Don't Like Love But I Love Junsu
    #73 We Are Twins
    #74 Just An Android Guy
    #75 Tree Covered In Honey Dew
    #76 An Easy Mind At Ease
    #77 Even Tough I Know It's All Over
    #78 Like A Soap Bubble
    #79 Uncommitted Am I?
    #80 Still Haven't Decided The Title For This
    #81 The Shadows Are Getting Longer Haunting
    #82 I Am Proud Of His Music
    #83 A Week No Holiday
    #84 Thinking Positive? No?
    #85 Just Get Out
    #86 Simply Just A Trick
    #87 The Beginning Of Every End
    #88 B.U.T Doesn't Matter
    #89 A Yellow Colored Winter Rose
    #90 Love Is Frail Beautiful Like A Snowflake
    #91 Thank U For My Christmas Present
    #92 One And Only One, Junsu
    #93 I Love You, Angel

    Record BSW


    20/ 2L
    21/ 1W - 1W(other player left) - 1L - 1W
    25/ 1L pic
    26/ 1L
    27/ 1L - 1L pic
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  2. Ramasinta Tukang Iklan

  3. murasaki M V U


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    May 17, 2009
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    +12,624 / -0
    Dreaming TONIGHT

    dreaming TONIGHT
    ---dreams journal---​

    The first time I dream about Junsu. I supposed that I'm a dancer. The show named kokuhou, that held in Malaysia. Tohoshinki was the guest there. I ran to center stage when their video has start. And when they come out to give comment, Junsu was the first. They sat in front of our center stage. He is commenting about some people's gossip related to aya matsuura that sat next to him. I guess, before, they already talk about it. But as he confirm it to her at the conference, she act like he is cheating her to say that kind of gossip. He feel sad and regret about that. After a performance from aya, Junsu sat again at their chair in front of me once again, while Yunho giving comment. He saw the poster (his poster of course) that in my hand. He start smiling at me, when I was like looking at him for all time. I shake my hand, and he reply it with a smile. Then he stood up and gonna leave. I'd say daijoubu da na Junsu. I hope he's heard it.

    This is my second dream with Junsu in it. It's rather short. The set was a TVXQ's mv, in Junsu singing part. They're wearing black clothes, and Junsu's like vest coat, but it's so short and revealed Junsu's sexy waist line. I suppose that I'm a model on that mv and what I dowas like clinging my arm around his sexy waist. He got tiny wait. They got their faces on camera, but I'm not. I'm just like facing backward.

    It would be the third time I dream about Junsu. I was at class with wenny and adit. I got so sleepy, and thank god we go out early. Wenny call someone, ask him where he is. He's downstair at teacher lounge, we're going there. And I see all 5 of them eating in a row. And Junsu say hi to us. We couldn't get there, so we walk out, and I saw 4 girls eating in front of a restaurant just so they could see TVXQ member while eating. I know its short.

    The forth time I dream about Junsu. I feel like I'm just watching them only, without doing some action. Tohoshinki was performing in some hall like basketball hall. Finishing one song, and then getting ready to perform another without using backstage. We're all watching on a higher platform around them. They lining and face the audience. I'm on their left side. I could see Junsu try to look at the monitor behind him, then he start focusing on monitor at front with his serious face. The monitor was small and placed in the ceiling. Then the song started. They perform the opening dance and cut it short. I see Yunho and the rest stop in rythm, but Junsu, he still dancing and realizing he is late to stop. Without making some expression he lined up again with everyone. Junsu sing the first lyrics, so he step forward with his charismatic style and start singing his voice with his heart. And the dream was over just like that. I believe, there was nothing that keep the fans to them, but we're there and watching them really nicely without trying to getting closer to them.

    The fifth dream about Junsu. I think I'm in Japan. I'm just gonna watch a live show on TV station NHK. A lot of artists would perform there. I'm at the backstage with other fans. Tohoshinki is the main guest. So they got their own room each. I only see Changmin going out his room to the next room that got Yunho's name on it. So I got myself to find Junsu's room. He and Jaejoong got vip room with 1 guard each at front. It is because they're the lead singer for their 2 songs. The door was opened. I see Jaejoong go toward us in the alley of his room and then turn to his right. Without greeting fans, as cold as he is.Then I wait for Junsu to go. A few minutes later, all worth it. Junsu in stunning black suit with white shirt, long black trouser walking toward me. Just because I was standing in front of the door. Junsu made a cute mistake for walking pass the door, he was really close. And the guard tell him the direction to the stage. Junsu going back to the room and turn left. When he already gone, I cry my eyes out. Tears run down my face and wet my t-shirt on the left arm side. All of it. Then I got myself at studio, the mc called out all the guest name. Dae guk (D-NA) was 1 of them. And then, TOHOSHINKI!!! In the big screen, there is their short clip of the introduction. The mc called their names 1 by 1. Junsu's name at the very end, after Jaejoong, got somesplit second, and then XIAH!!! It's looks like he is the main event. Then they came in to the stage. Yunho, Changmin and Yoochun got to the stage, followed by Jaejoong. And the last is Junsu. It was doushite opening song. According to the list of the show, Tohoshinki should sing 2 new songs. But the dream suddenly change. Suddenly I was in a room with my sister and cousin watching the show at a computer with a big screen. Because I have to go to bathroom, I have to paused the video. Thats the end of the dream.

    Had a dream. I got stalker around me, he always wanted to be with me. Just don't understand the reason that i've already told him a thousand times. The reason that I don't want to be with him. Creepy to have a guy like that around, and somewhat he get close enough to me to hold my hand. Shook him of then I run. Thinking of my boyfriend, wanted to see him. That's the place that the stalker couldn't harm me. Entering the great music hall. I see the white shirt lying on the floor. In the center of the hall, the black grand piano stand there. Found Yoochun lying on the floor half naked. Looks like he's tired because of plays too much piano. Sweating all over his body. Wanted to get closer to him. And I woke up.

    Been a long time since I dream about Junsu. I thought I wouldn't get dream like this again. The dream was about school. I was in my junior high, and having trouble adapting to the class. I sat alone and had my closed friend, Febri right behind me. She made me through the day. I don't know most of my classmate. Right after the bell rang, I stormed out the class to get home fast. Outside the And I met this guy, he just standing there look straight to me and smiling. But I don't know him at all. The next day at school, when it was almost end of school time. We should get the class cleaned. I got clumsy, made mistake throwing dirt on my desk. Everybody else was like laughing at me. And this boy was standing in front of me, saying 'Anybody else could done the same mistake, why are you laughing at her?' while I took my desk to go outside of the class, I realize that the boy who sitting at table next to mine was Junsu. After finished cleaning, I was intending to go home fast. And then outside the school I met that guy again, this time I walk to him and stand in front of him. Suddenly he hug me. After get this close to him, I look at his face. It's Yoochun, then without thinking, I kissed him. What he say was, 'That's my girl.' And suddenly the dream was ended.

    At last, I dream about Junsu again... I thought that I wouldn't dream about him again. But before I was asleep, I was looking at Xiahlendar. I felt, its been a long time since I really get into looking at him like that. And wondering if I ever dream about him again. And I really dream about Junsu! So the dream was about a fanmeet. You know that next month JYJ will be hold a concert in Indonesia. But there isn't going to be a fanmeet. In the dream, I was waiting with everyone else. There are about 30 peoples in there. I know it's just a bit. While waiting, there are some people that chatting about fanchant. I haven't got the chances to memorized it. I was ashamed. And then some peoples are chatting about the album, if they might have the chances to ask Junsu to autograph it. And again, I ashamed because I don't bring mine. Then the fanmeet start, I saw Junsu come and greet us. After that, he goes straight to the other room for special fanmeet, that only could 5 peoples attended and picked randomly. I wasn't get the chances. But the other fans who couldn't get the chances to get inside just standing right outside of the room and looking at Junsu. By that, Junsu look so concerned and whispering something to his manager. And then, after some talking, the rest of us who standing outside are allowed to get inside. There are 5 chairs in front of Junsu and the other chairs was surround us in U shape. Me and my friends got there first, but I thought that we shouldn't sit in that 5 chairs, and I got a chair in the next table of Junsu's. It was close enough to see him, to hear his voice. He start with reciting a part of his musical. Some of us are reciting with him while reading the pamphlet. That time, I realized that the 5 chairs was only sited by 2 friends of mine and they left me a sit too. Finally I took the chance, I was sitting in front of Junsu! Just like that, the dream was faded away.

    Weird funny dream...

    We're on holiday...
    While we waited for our plane, we just chit-chatting with friends. And there was my sister with her friend. She asked for my ID card. And I lend it to her and continuing my conversation with my friends.


    When we arrived at the hotel, we all need to get our ID card copied in order to check in. I don't have mine, and I remember I gave it to my sister. So I asked her.

    She said, "Her friend has it." So I said, "Take it back I need it right now to check in!"
    She call him, and the hotel owner came to us and said, "You shouldn't made a phone call in here, there is no signal."
    My sister just keep trying to call her friend.
    So I said, "Are you deaf? The hotel owner just said you couldn't have a phone call in here. Go out..."
    She walked away...

    While waiting for my ID card. I spending my time just outside the hotel with two friends of mine, Richard and Vincent.
    There's an old long wooden chair and table. It's quite rusty. We sat there and joke around. I don't remember what was we were talking about. But there's one I remember, Richard was sitting on the table in front of me, joke around, laughing so hard. And I worried the table would break and he gonna fall. But the table just alright. It just made a lot of noise.

    The suddenly my sister's friend came. He straight away went to my sister and gave her the ID. Even tough, he already saw me waiting in front. And after, he went back without apologizing to me.

    So I shouted, "Hey you! You should start apologizing to me!"
    He just stood there with his annoying face. Waiting for my next action.

    I grumble, "You insolent people! Your mom doesn't teach you some manner?"
    I was on my way to get him, but Richard stopped me.

    And that jerk just went away. While he walked away, I gave him the finger. And let everybody saw it.

    While I was checking in. I should fill a question on a piece of paper. This time I accompanied with Jaejoong and Yunho.
    We're answering the same question. I already been in this hotel for a few time. And I know exactly which the question I should answered. I finished mine so fast. And waiting for the other two.

    I asked Yunho, "What took you so long just to answer this question?" And I peek to his paper. And I saw his answer, but he's trying to answered all of the questions.
    So I said to him, "Have you ever been in here? I often gets in here. You just need to fill this one question."
    He looked understand now and a bit embarrassed. He turned to his right and asked Jaejoong, "Hyung, how's your answer?"
    While Jaejoong was thinking so hard to answer the question, he's just nodded and continued to read the paper.
    "Hyung, do you know we just need to answer this one question?" Yunho started again.
    "What? Why didn't you tell me earlier?" his face look like someone had just kidded him.
    Then after they finished their answer. I started to compare their answer. We got so much laugh together. I don't remember what their answer was.

    Where's my Junsu? I was looking at Junsu poster before sleep, why isn't he showed up on my dream?
    At night, we wanted to buy somethings in mart across the street. This time, I went there with entire cast of Friends.

    We're shopping, looking for things to buy. And suddenly, some robber came inside and threaten to harm us.
    Anyway, I don't know how, but I got their attention and now they wanted to harm me. Joey don't want anything happen to me, so he stood in front of me. And started to fight them back to the front door. Joey was losing, but suddenly he pulled out a knife from his back jeans and started stabbing the closest person.

    While Chandler fighting with one robber that gets on the back of the store. Sounds of bottle shattering, and a body dropped down.

    After all the robber down, we gathered around meat corner. Ross started talking, "We all gonna catch cold in the prison."
    Monica got away and came back with a roll of meat in her hands. "This would warm you up."
    We all look to the raw meat, didn't dare to started eating. Monica lost her patient, grabbed the meat and pull a chunk to eat it. Then the others followed.

    It was a playground.. We're people having fun riding rides. I guess there was some kind of a recording of a show. Junsu was there, he's riding a round ride where you sit on the sides and it would spin around and bouncing up and down. At first, he's just be there alone. And then people get on it too. Some notice that he is Junsu and wanting to sit as close as they could. But the man that guarding that ride told them to balance it and dividing the people to the sides. I know that Junsu is there. So even tough I kinda bit afraid of the ride, I made myself in. When I came in it's almost full. And I could see Junsu about 2-3 meters away. Those men next to Junsu, quite amazed with me getting on the ride. Because there's only a few girls on it. (This is kinda weird) and those men, (I don't know how) they recognize me as Junsu's fan. And they let me sit next to Junsu. Before I could feel him next to me, the ride goes on spinning fast enough, made me scared. Clinging my hands all over Junsu's arm.

    After the ride, (I don't know how I let my sight of Junsu) I went to a room, which filled with desks and chairs like a classroom with some of me schoolmates in there. They counting a polling of some things about popularity. And Junsu is falling behind (where's Cassiopeia?) I kept my spirit high to support Junsu more. And then, Tarantallegra was played in all of the speaker all around the park. (That's when I woken up by my Tarantallegra alarm)

    I was in a small room in a middle of Junsu's fanmeeting. About 40 people in there. I'm in the second row on the left side of the small stage, with my sister and other two acquaintances. Junsu was singing a part of 'You Are So Beautiful' and 'I Don't Like Love'

    After the song ended, he kindly called us to the stage, one by one he said, to take an umbrella. I guess it was an official goods or something. He points to the back of the row. One by one. At first, they were walk up so orderly. But when the pile of umbrella getting smaller and smaller, some are getting inpatient, they run to the stage and hurriedly take the umbrella. We all rushed too, and I manage to see the writing on the umbrella. The black one, with 4 cute drawing of CN Blue, which all has been disappeared. And left the white one, with TVXQ chibi's on it. I was expecting at least a writing of XIA, but there's none. So I don't take any.

    While the pile if umbrella is vanished, we all come back to our seat. Junsu said he'll sang the last song. And the melody of 'Love Is Like A Snow'...
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    TALK and tea for two
    ---just some random conversation on my head---​

    Something you'd like to remember?
    The feel that you get when certain songs being played
    reminds me about some TV serial
    but what made me fond of the memories is because that movie is somewhat romantic
    from what I can remember is

    Kenapa cuma lagu aja bisa bikin kamu tersenyum sendiri?
    padahal ngga ada kenangan d balik lagu ny
    itu cma salah satu OST dari drama-TW
    bukan macem film yang ngingetin kamu sama mantan pacar, ato cinta pertama...
    cma gara2 tu film ny romantis doank
    (bagian yg gw inget cma yg romantis ny aja)

    am I romantic kind of girl?
    i think so
    coz, from what I can remember...
    every little thing, I only remember the love side of the story
    mostly happy
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    FREE YOUR MIND and let it flow
    ---any lines that comes up on mind---​


    I've been admiring Heechul from Suju
    the one and only fanservice
    kissing other Suju member

    cowo, tp suka warna pink
    cowo, tp kadang kliatan manis
    cowo, tp bisa cium cowo laen
    heechul smirk lovely

    HE is indeed BOY

    i found that Suju is singing Gee
    this song could makes me smiling all day long just imagining that Suju dance like girls
    Heechul is cute and Eunhyuk get nice moves that even I as a girl can't do

    ---EDIT @ 5.28 pm---
    somewhat that cute song didn't last so long in front of something that i don't like
    i'm selfish indeed
    you don't have to remind me after this
    don't worry, i'm aware of this

    the song didn't last long
    before... i hang out with my friends
    one of them was bringing his gf
    so i have feelings for him, so what?
    it's just a tiny matters, don't mind it
    i just don't like it
    so to pretending i'm fine, i was thinking that i should often smile
    and i'm trying to listen the song, repeat it all the time
    at the third song, i keep smiling imagining Suju singing it
    after that...
    not working, not smiling...
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    here, and SHARE THE WORLD inside my head
    what i've been through​

    tired of something that really absurd
    why is that?
    lagi ngerjain paper buat skripsi nih
    tentang hotel pk tema teknologi
    masalah ny klo buat skripsi, tema tuh harus lebih detil lagi
    teknologi khusus apa yang mau d pk
    dosen 1 minta desain yg 'gila'
    dosen 1 lagi minta bentuk ny dulu, baru teknologi apa yg d pk
    masalah ny...
    minggu ini jadwal ny preview bab 1-3
    apa yg mo d tulis, jelas2 gw masi bingung gni
    knp ngga d balik aja c? desain ny dulu kaya apa baru bikin paper ny
    arsitek kan gambar, knp harus bikin paper dl?
    if this is all about drawing and desinging, why should we starting writing these sentence that me, myself even can't define?
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    walking in a RAINY NIGHT
    past memory and new thing but same old feeling as always​

    in this night, i walk past in the rain
    just like the tears flowing slowly in your face, the rain it's similar to
    when i was sad, its feel like raining
    slowly, rain pour down on your hair
    washing down my feeling
    old memory but something really warm
    about my first love
    we love to got in the rain, for just being together in a longer time
    even if we got soaked wet
    we don't care, as long as we could keep other companied
    last long the time stopped
    wish i could go back in time
    i want to feel the feeling again, warm as i want to remember about you it is
    because i already forget every bad memories about you
    i don't have you anymore, but i wish i could remember you just slightly warm

    so everytime i got caught in the rainy night
    i think about you
    it is sad memories makes me miss you
    but we both know that we're happy now and then
    i'm glad that i know you
    thank you for being a friend

    and rainy night that recent
    at least last year thing
    about someone else
    he do some poem things
    the thing that really rare in these times
    he is romantic, gentle but cassanova kinda guy
    he could charmed me in every romantic thing
    he is gentle, that's the one i'd admire so much about him
    he made a poem, maybe about me
    i'm flatter, blushing
    but it was night, rainy night
    rain was washing down my feeling
    tickling my face
    it's supposed to be cold, but what i feel was warmness of you

    this night
    i was sad and bit angry
    maybe about things that happened yesterday
    about you, lately, about you
    and some about my own self
    i hate being alone these days
    the rain was away those saddness

    keep me warm to remember my first love


    celebrating 1000th post

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    FOREVER LOVE and life happily ever after
    something i have to learn​

    recently i watched a TW-drama, Autumn's Concerto
    quite sad, i spilled a lot of tears on the way
    but sometimes, you need to do that

    i found something interesting for me on that drama

    what matters the most on a relationship is trust
    not love, but trust
    this is something that comes out from the someone that already past the falling in love phase
    i already have trust on someone for already 5 years
    so i could say that love isn't what the matters the most
    i'm sceptical...

    after that, what you need is something, anything that could amazed you both about the others
    every new thing that really made you re-fall in love again with your love
    longer you're with somebody, it is harder to find someting like that
    it's hard for me right now to find something like that
    instead, i found that something is on other person, not him
    please GOD, i wish i could go past the temptation

    the same drama
    I wish for every love story would be happy ending like this
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    doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou WHY?!
    some story about today event​

    I was hang out with my friends in Puri Mall
    having lunch at Hoka...
    i was aware of our sitting position
    because i sat next to my friend
    and my other friend sat in front of me, with other friend sat next to her.

    and for couple
    what is the advantage of sitting side by side rather than sitting face to face?
    i prefer to sit face to face with my boyfriend
    because i don't really like public display of affection (PDA)
    for me, if i see couple sitting side by side, i see them PDA-ing
    for something opposite of that
    i do sitting side by side, in condition:
    if i'm just starting on a relationship, i couldn't eat well if he was sitting in front of me
    or if i had a crush on someone, same reason...
    that's why i choose sit next to them

    at D. Donuts, tea time
    i already realize that we have something in common some time before
    but my friend reminds me about that
    this time, i was sitting next to him
    because of being bored
    i sat there with my right hand on my chin
    and my friend that sat in front of me suddenly talk
    "you two, are you bored? you're sitting with exact same pose"
    i startled, changed my pose
    started thinking about us
    i do have some certain feelings about him, the one sat next to me
    as you could read on some post before

    and started thinking about soul mate
    is that a sign of soul mate?
    because, often, i could understand him better than anybody else
    it's like when you speak about something, and without explaining it further more
    i could understand what is he talking about
    same thing around
    is that a sign of soul mate?
    i don't know for sure
    coz i don't believe that even soul mate could exist
    my definition about soul mate is two people that could life side by side
    without getting the other even slightly hate being next to the others
    that should be perfect match
    that's so hard to get
    because nobody's perfect
    so there is no soul mate
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    the way i see PICTURE OF YOU
    see through my eyes, see through my heart, see through my mind, see through my soul

    Do you ever felt that specific someone at anytime, could be anywhere laid eyes on you?
    but not in the stalkerish thing
    just someone, at random condition take a peek at you

    I felt that kind of feeling
    as you know, that our eyes could see nearly 180 degree
    even if you look straight to something in front of you
    you could still see a few things around you (from left to right)
    that's why i could felt that someone was watching me

    but what i do was only ignore them

    i am a person that always avoids to look someone in the eyes
    that's why
    even i felt that somebody is watching me
    it never cross my mind to warn them
    as long as they didn't stepped on my personal spaces

    but for myself
    what picture that i see
    i always see it only for a split seconds
    i don't want to get caught watching someone else
    or even worse
    getting caught that i have certain feeling for somebody
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    don't give up, BECAUSE TOMORROW WILL COME, definitely
    as long as you have faith​

    somebody asked me today,
    "when is the time to give up?"
    someone is troubled with too much thought on mind

    at the time i couldn't answer
    my reason was
    i can't give any suggestion if i don't know what's the problem
    but that someone refuse to tell me his problem
    so i can't answer

    actually, that's isn't the real reason i couldn't answer
    because i have slightly kinda know what's the problem is
    love problem
    i wanted to say to him,
    just give up~!
    so i could replace her
    but i can't
    that would break their relationship
    i don't want to be someone that ruin someone else's relationship

    the other reason is i don't really know what exactly the problem
    is that someone was asking about time to giving up on what/who
    what if i choose the wrong option
    that would make that someone falls apart
    or even the outcome could bring me down on my own misery

    i can't answer that time

    but right now
    i know
    my own answer
    because if today you have a lot of things hanging on your mind
    tomorrow will definitely come

    i promise to you
    that we will be friend till the end
    there is no such thing like love ruining friendship
    as long as i don't tell you
    we'll still be friends
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    THE secret game OF LOVE
    come to the twisted world inside my brain​

    stop wearing white~!
    you look astonishing in those t-shirt

    and you~!
    stop being with that girl
    just stop being a casanova

    that was some stupid idea that never leave my mind

    a quote of the day from yesterday
    '2 cowo yang gw sayang'

    both of 'em aren't my boyfriend
    just boys friend of mine, that you would see often with me
    at yesterday 'picnic' to Merunda rusun
    in the bus, i just have to thing about them
    because they both have each of their sit for them only
    and left the rest of the class sit in pairs
    what's inside my mind was i won't regretting that i'm suffering (sitting with someone else) rather that see that 2 boys sharing those seats with others
    what's more insane was, they both wearing white t-shirt

    do you know that (most of) women, always fantasies about what they like the most?

    what inside my brain, most of them are romantic kind of story
    the newest that i could recall was this...

    even if he have his lover, and me too
    he could let her go to have me

    holding my hand as i dozed off
    and then caught by me
    but you won't budge, you don't care about my stare
    stay silent, both of us

    AND you~!
    stop that twisting mind of yours
    let's get back to the reality

    as you were saying,
    "we would be friends forever"
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    SHELTER of a broken heart
    when i need nobody is around, but somehow i need a hug

    too much emotion right now
    when i wake up, i was thinking about my paper
    i should have already wrote about half of chapter 4 right now
    but no
    my bad habit is waking up then turn on the computer to find anything new on forum or fb
    usually i found something not so bad, or even interesting that makes me can't let the page closed
    but for today, i found something that i couldn't take my eyes off
    just 1 picture
    curious enough to find another
    but what i had was only a heart ache
    as i was saying last night, you look stunning in that white shirt
    and please stop being with that girl
    she's not even your girlfriend
    taking a lot of picture of you together
    and placed a cap: me and my best friend!
    creating an alibi for some unfortunate event ahead is she?
    but still i'm thinking of a stupid trick ever
    i'm feeling all of my energy wash away in a second
    what the hell were you thinking?
    just to find a lot of picture of you were taken by her
    enough to conclude something
    on the other way...
    i did think so similar to her
    but, i lead my head off you, so i won't show to everyone that most of pic inside camera that i hold was all about you
    even i don't have the thought of taking a picture just the two of us
    think about your girlfriend

    different story...
    last night, i was watching YSMM with Eunhyuk and Kibum as guest
    its about what the bad things girl or boy do in relationship
    most of people do lie about their first time
    if you start a relationship, you lied to your boyfriend about it is the first relationship you've ever been into
    or when he kissed you, pretending to be not knowing about kiss and act shyly
    or even telling him it is the first kiss

    just for the sake of honesty in here
    i never do that or planning to do that
    because i always come first for telling the truth on the beginning of relationship
    what matters the most for me was honesty and the way he react about my confession

    and go on about that YSMM story
    Kibum was asked if he ever do that kind of lie
    he answer that he change depends on the partner
    if he know that the girl has active personality, he would pretend to don't know anything
    but if the girl is shy, he would be more active and lead more
    then he asked to do some role playing with Eunhyuk as the girlfriend

    take 1
    Eunhyuk as the party girl, he suddenly acting chewing gum
    and ask suddenly,"do you want to kiss?"
    Kibum shyly uncomfortable said,"no... let's wait"
    then with Eunhyuk said something about how could be man about Kibum age haven't have kiss
    hesitantly Kibum leans forward and kiss

    take 2
    Kibum being the tough guy and Eunhyuk shyly act as a girl
    Kibum first move, take Eunhyuk's hand
    and then he ask Eunhyuk to go to dating spot, Han river
    edit out unnecessary scene
    they're at Han river
    Kibum asked quickly,"have you ever kissed?"
    Eunhyuk shyly said,"no, i haven't"
    and nodded when he asked,"is it the first time?"
    than Eunhyuk being faked kiss

    (i wish that Heechul was the guest not Kibum
    because Heechul would definitely kiss Eunhyuk undoubtedly in the lips

    what i'm thinking about that was, not everyone could be honest person in every relationship
    i wish that everyone could be honest when the time is come to meet the one they love

    and the other is
    that Eunhyuk-sshi got a very good acting skill
    he's so cute when acting in shy girl
    is everyone in group like Suju or Dong Bang always do acting in front of fans?
    i won't know
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    May 17, 2009
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    ha-ha-ha song AND A HAPPY EASTER
    just a bit of word​

    first of all
    happy easter to everyone that celebrate it

    and about yesterday...
    april mop day~
    have anyone did some trick or joke around?
    for myself i have to change the day into temptation day
    i gave up into 6 temptations in one day
    instead of doing my paper
    sleeping, downloading video and watching it, another sleeping, reading novel, go out for eat and buy some snacks, taking a nap, playing games

    that's all
    i'm gonna get back to my task
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    May 17, 2009
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    is there any chances that i could be a SURVIVOR
    please stop the time


    Saengil Chukae EUNHYUK oppa
    saranghaeyo cute anchovy


    even tough my paper hasn't finished yet
    i have to go to TA
    my cousin's future mother in law wants to meet me because of some work thing
    she needs my help in one of her project
    and leads me to have to go to PIK, to see the project this morning
    and cutting my paper time again
    please stop the time, please...
    i feel like giving up this paper thing

    even so
    i went to plays some games with my friend
    board games
    i'll tell you later about that
    just as reminder, i almost won
    that brother of you, it should be a draw, and he forgot the 1 point card
    why didn't you let me win?
    kinda bit frustrating

    and a bit before the game
    always as sweet as you are
    saying things that i kinda like it, but that's something that you should do if you're mine
    i like it, but i just can't show how i like it
    so please just be mine
  16. murasaki M V U


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    May 17, 2009
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    being sad because of that news about TOHO activities would be paused
    in these time, wouldn't be watch them perform 5 as 1
    we are fans
    in this moment of heartbreaking sadness
    what we can do is all about being brave enough to stand out and say that we always believe in them
    pray for their health, happiness and future ahead
    where there won't be any sorrow left
    where we could be united once again to shout out their names

    and this is something that i could think about them

    i just known you all a year back later
    even tough i don't have deep feeling about you just like others who has being with you guys for almost 6 years
    but within this year, i started to know you bit by bit
    how our leader is so manly and as leader he is the best to be one
    how our dolphin is so cute and charismatic singer he is
    how our micky become so romantic and tender
    how our JJ is so beautiful and have a great voice
    how our maknae is so tall and become so manly

    this is the first time that i cry for you
    breaking my heart to see you all being separated like this
    that voice of you i always to hear
    sweet sound of music that could cheer me up and feel sad at the same time

    even so
    as the time would passed by
    we would hang our hope high
    that you would be sang your voice louder, louder, louder that we all could hear it again

    that smile that you left me
    i wish i could see the more brighter smile on your face again
    don't loose faith on us
    we'll always be waiting for you
  17. murasaki M V U


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    May 17, 2009
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    colors ~ melody & harmony IN LOVE
    Always Keep The Faith ETERNALLY​

    masalah 'paused activity' ny Toho
    emg bikin down, tiap inget jg jadi pengen nangis...
    like junsu said,
    if you sad, and someone stay beside you
    the pain is halved
    so if we are all stay together in this, there would be enough pain to hurt us
    stay strong, stay beside them to share the sadness together
    wish them to be happy

    esp. for Junsu
    good luck in your upcoming single~!!!
    i'll buy it
    i know how hard you're working on it
    even in this dark time, you're never alone
    we always beside you

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  18. murasaki M V U


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    May 17, 2009
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    BEEN SO LONG since i see you
    hazy memories and a cloudy dream​

    yesterday night
    i saw a boy wearing Yunho shirt
    like the one below
    what makes me got a badmood is that the boy really annoyed me so much just being there in his spot

    i have the same exact shirt like that boy wore
    and the other one is Junsu's shirt like this:
    :cinta::cinta::cinta: JUNSU :cinta::cinta::cinta:

    that's just an opening
    a dream i had this morning
    about being with my ex-BF
    i don't know what memories could bring me that dream
    he was the first love
    the one i can't let go till 4 years after we break up
    the dream was hazy, i realize that it was a dream
    yet i enjoyed it like it was a memory of a recent time
    but i know that been so long since we actually met each other
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    May 17, 2009
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    intoxication OF JUNSU
    many things i liked that i realize recently​

    been so long since i came here
    too many obstacles that made me couldn't tell stories
    such as this computer sometimes hanged
    or stupid blackout
    and many more of this tortures from my skripsi
    lets forget that for a while

    even when i should start write something in here
    this task came out
    stupid appointment
    i hate it

    -edit in June 19-

    - the first boyband that i ever like is Backstreet Boys
    i remembered how i was crazy over Nick Carter with a friend of mine at elementary school

    and then the next best thing i could remember is Boyzone
    Stephen was so cute and Ronan's voice was love

    the lady i always admire is Celine Dion
    the voice, the attitude graceful for me

    add the Savage Garden on the list
    Darren's voice nearly heavenly, and Daniel's music is amazing
    it's a shame they're separated

    that's just the top 4 of my west music

    i was an english music lover back then
    Aqua, B*witched, Black Eyed Peas, Clay Aiken, Josh Groban, Kavana, Kylie Minogue, M2M, Michael Buble, MLTR, N'Sync, Spice Girls, Steps, The Moffatts

    every one of them could reminds me of some certain time of my life
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    May 17, 2009
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    ever missed someone so much? in a dream​

    this dream i had last night
    about him, the first love that i have had
    some said that first love never dies
    i believe in that, because
    even if i had a happy life for today
    sometimes i miss him, even tough he is with somebody else
    and the dream was connected to recent event, my friend wedding

    in that wedding i was a bridesmaid
    so instead of plain black dress that i would really love to wear
    i've got this white gown similar to the bride's
    the gown was so tight, hardly breath
    and the wire inside pressed so hard to my ribs
    that was what happended to my body
    but when the party started, meet my friends
    the effect was great
    their comment was beautiful, feminine, looks so different than the usuall
    even my own sister asked me how could i be so slim
    some comment was the make-up was somewhat thick and less smile on my face
    beside the dress, i was wearing a new high heels
    that also hurting my ankle

    and the dream was...
    back in my high school year
    somewhat me and my best friend named ran
    went to his class
    i just went straight away to his chair
    and the conversation was just like
    him: you wear that shoes again
    i: yes... you noticed it, did you came to the party?
    him: yup, and you look beautiful, even tough you rarely smile

    the same conversation with a friend of mine recently
    could be in a dream you missing someone so much
    so you can manifest the conversation into your dream in a form of someone else body
    confusing, i know

    this is the recently heard song
    i love Junsu's part
    thinking of you and longing for your touch
    because that's what i feel

    --- it's only a dream that i know wouldn't be true ---



    Saengil Chukae YOOCHUN oppa
    saranghae micky
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  21. murasaki M V U


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    May 17, 2009
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    close to you ALL, CENTER OF MY HEART
    center of the world of mine


    this was taken from my profile on FB
    that was a screen shoot with my closest friend

    friends from my past years since elementary school
    they are the world to me, they showed me live
    and they are around for me
    i grew up with them, being mature with them
    some of them are close enough to see what inside my mind
    they shared my past and live inside my world now
    they are friends that always around for me
    and means the whole world for me

    the center of my world and center of my heart...
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