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Lowongan Kerja Customer / Business Development di Dokter Cerdas

Discussion in 'Job Vacancy' started by startupjobsindonesia, Dec 15, 2015.

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  1. startupjobsindonesia Banned User



    Sep 7, 2015
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    DokterCerdas, a fresh startup, is the first career directory platform for the medical graduates. We are on a mission to empower the graduates of health sciences by bringing disruption to the existing system. We aim to break the current limitations and challenges faced by this highly talented bunch. Our platform is a form of support from one bunch of smart creatives to another. We are looking for quality talents who are innovative, individuals who are restless upon noticing a problem, characters whose focus is to create solutions instead of to criticize. We want thinkers not just workers.

    Customer identification, development and expansion

    • Establish and maintain relationships with medical graduates (junior and senior) as well as related organisations
    • Continually analyze the wants, needs and concerns of customers and consequently propose fresh, relevant solutions (new market opportunity identification)
    • Stay informed and on top of his/her game regarding market trends and positioning
    • Strategically lead the penetration of the company's presence into medical graduates communities
    Desired candidate:

    • A medical graduate (MD) (lulusan kedokteran) with a clear understanding of the current context, culture and trends of medical graduates in Indonesia
    • Loves meeting people of various backgrounds
    • Someone whose priority is exponential learning growth, not just building professional experience
    • Strong communication (includes listening) and analytical skills
    • Adapt well and quickly to changes
    • Effective team player and active contributor
    • Not afraid to try new things and make mistakes
    • Problem-solver mindset
    • Agile in his/her thinking and pursuit
    • Strong self-motivation - able to lead his/herself
    • Uphold integrity in his/her words and actions
    Dokter Cerdas is a platform created by one bunch of smart creatives for another i.e. the graduates of health sciences. We aim to break the boundaries and current limitations faced through thorough information sharing and spreading. We firmly believe this: Power comes not from knowledge kept but from knowledge shared (Bill Gates). Our website provides updated, complete information that is relevant for both the fresh graduates as well as those who have been working professionals for longer. By doing this, we strive to empower the health sciences graduates to take control over their career path direction and not just picking a job.

    - See more at: http://id.startupjobs.asia/id/job/1...dokter--cerdas-indonesia#sthash.6DdEuFaH.dpuf
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