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Hyip Lego Town - lg-town.com

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by gigamesh, Oct 29, 2015.

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  1. gigamesh Members


    Oct 26, 2015
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    Lego Town - is an economic online-game with the possibility of withdrawing real money, where you play the role of entrepreneur purchasing ready-made businesses and running hotels, restaurants, and filling stations.

    Your task is to provide infrastructure functioning: do not forget to bring petrol to filling stations, buy products for your restaurant, pay for public service in your hotel etc. Investments will bring you a stable profit if you support all your enterprise activity: hire workers, pay wages to them, improve your knowledge and skills and build a profitable and reliable business. As you can see, everything is like real life. Work and develop!

    If you want to become an employee, you must purchase a special license. Next, set your salary and waiting when employer will hire you. You can also search employers in our chat or in our Rating Forbes and send them a private message.

    Also you can earn money on the construction of buildings. You can buy materials for building at a price of 2 times lower than the standard price of the building in Lego Town and sell it to other players.

    All the money earned can be withdrawn at any moment or you can purchase new filling stations, restaurants or hotels which will allow you to earn even more.

    There are also competitive wars in the game. They encourage the spirit of competitiveness. Be ready because a moment will come when your neighbor starts finking on you to different organizations or even hiring bandits. But don’t worry about this too much, since you have your own tool in this fight: lawyers and police. This is a very interesting and venturesome game element.

    Note: All of the money is counted in conventional units named Legos. 1 Legos is about 0.02 US dollar (check our current rate at deposit page).

    Make your first step with LegoTown! To make the first step you only need 490 Legos: try and check! You will reach your aim to become a business owner and will be proud of yourself.

    Bring your friends and receive 8% of each deposit that they make.

    Lego Town – play and earn real money!
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