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Ui... nih Puisi buat bini" di rumah

Discussion in 'Motivasi & Inspirasi' started by j0h4n355, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. j0h4n355 M V U



    Feb 14, 2010
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    A Table Set For Two

    Candles flicker softly on a table set for two,
    There's no one on the earth tonight except for me and you.

    A nice romantic dinner and a bottle of chilled wine,
    And we are here together in a moment stopped in time.

    A love so few have ever known and this is its birth night,
    Alone within our little world, you and I and candlelight.

    So soon we will set free the feelings that we want to share.
    And I am held here spellbound by your laughter in the air.

    Thoughts of love like falling leaves,
    Swirling in the autumn breeze,

    Flow in our minds and in our eyes,
    A tender look and longing sighs,

    We touch and as the fire starts,
    That we have kindled in our hearts,

    We kiss and hear the angels sing,
    As heavens gift to me you bring,

    No more to live my life alone,
    And in your soul I found my home,

    At peace within your loving arms,
    Captivated by your charms,

    And happily I'd die for you,
    Here at this table set for two.

    trus ------------------------------

    My Princess, My Wife

    For My Dear Wife,
    On This Usual Day;
    I Write You This Poem,
    In My Own Special Way.

    I Wanted To Tell You,
    In Words Of My Own;
    You're The Most Precious Person,
    That I've Ever Known.

    You're The Prettiest Girl,
    Than Any I've Seen;
    Your Body Is Flawless,
    So Slender And Lean.

    Your Eyes Have That Sparkle,
    That I Can't Live Without;
    One Day Without Them,
    And I'd Die There's No Doubt.

    And I Just Lose Control,
    When I Glance At Your Hair;
    Those Curls Are Just Stunning,
    So Perfect And Rare.

    You're The Most Caring Person,
    That I've Ever Met;
    There's No One Like You,
    And That I Can Bet.

    What Attracts Me The Most,
    Is Your Sweet And Kind Touch;
    You're A Gift Sent From Heaven,
    And I Love You So Much.

    So Hold Me As Close,
    As You Possibly Can;
    'Cause Now And Forever,
    I Am Your Man.
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  3. dawerzzzz M V U


    Lurking Around

    May 9, 2009
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    wow mantab dah puisi bwt My wife ... :haha:
  4. cimohai Members


    Silent Reader

    Nov 24, 2009
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    Ijin copas dan translate ya... buat bini nih... (mode = offline) heheheheh. cek gudang, tenkiu bos...
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