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OriFic The Rag na Rok

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by masuakal, Jan 24, 2011.

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    1. ini adalah karangan penulis asli
    2. bahasa yang di gunakan adalah bahasa inggris
    3. kalo pingin liat ilustrasi gambarnya silahkan download wordnya
    4. pic yang ada di word semua hasil googling . . .
    5. jangan di jual orang cerita jelek .. . .
    6. mohon pendapatnya ya. . . mana yang harus di kembangkan . . . ^^(baca 2 chapter dulu yah baru keliatan abis itu)
    7. mohon kerja samanya ya ^^
    8 oh ya best to view using MS words reading lay out

    Adventure 1~ the Beginning” (100%)
    Adventure 2~ The Forest of Nim (100%)
    Adventure 3~ The Land of Sand, Morroc (100%)
    Adventure 4~ City of Women, Satari (38%)
    ~part one~ The Holy Lady Knight, Irska
    ~part two~ The Wise priest, Leona
    ~Part tree~ Those two problem . . .
    Adventure 5~ the Evil Druid Clan
    ~part one~ sign of awakening
    ~part two~ surprise attack
    ~part tree~ team up with the beast of Nim Forest
    Adventure 6~ The Legendary Rag

    warning chapter 3 & 4 mulai panjang
    Adventure 1~The Beginning’

    I feels a strong gust of wind flowing through the gap of my body, it feels a lot nicer than I ever want. I slowly open my eyes out of curiosity as why there are a very strong wind around me. I was supposed to be in my late grandparents grave yard . . . and if I remember correctly that areas supposed to be an industrial one . . so it has a very low chance to allow wind flow freely .. and the other thing is that the wind did not smells bad actually in is very fresh and clear so different from my imagination . . ..
    I am beginning to remember my childhood times. 8 years ago, when I was still so young I could still remember the feeling of wind, the smell of water, the hardness of soil not a steel, yeah not to different from what I’ve been felling for quite a while now. I still remember the time when I would play ski with the grass as the trail and leaves as the laser. Also the time when I shout so loudly only to hear my sound back across the vast hill with no one bothering.
    Still in the middle of pleasure with a dim eye sight, I try to recognize my surrounding . .. in the far north I see nothing but only a vast blue sky, so I had thought that I am standing on a hill, then I slowly turn my heads to east, nothing different from before, the same happen when I try to heads in another direction . . then I think oh I must be in top of a mountain exactly at the top of it with nowhere to climb down . . .
    but ah . . . that must be impossible, there is no way the me from grave yard suddenly standing a top of mountain . . . that leave me no other choice than to look up to the sky . . . . something weird happen . . . . a bird, no a giant bird fly right on to me . . . . that’s make me a bit crazy, then I began to encourage my heart to look down . . . “arrrrrrggh” I shout so loudly after looking down . . . the world, no, I mean the earth, err the ground seems so vast yet so small, then suddenly my body starting to fell down. I had just realized that the bird is actually the one that keeping me in the sky, now that it has fled because of my loud shout I will die after crushing to the ground, mom dad I’m sorry that I haven’t fulfill both of your dreams . . please forgive this fool, your son.

    A wide white circle, err rather than normal circle it’s clearly different. I could see a star within it, even tough it’s not a complete star, just a sign of star but it is slowly trying to connect it’s tips to the circle. The circle star begin to emit a strange sound, and I could vividly hear my own voice, it’s just a bit heavier than ever and sometimes I could hear I high pitch within it, a pitch that only a woman supposed to have, later than I realized it was coming from my own mouth, but I had no time to waste to think about that. when it happens a sudden flash appear and make my vision more blur than before, the conclusion is simple, I lost my consciousness.

    Adventure~2 The Forest Of Nim

    Slowly but surely I gained my fading consciousness, I grasped any thing that can be grasped around me to make sure that I am safe although the only thing I could feels is the softness of grass, and sometimes a few little rock.
    My body jumped automatically without my concern, I am beginning to recall a strange thing like a big bird, falling from the sky, seeing something like a star circle, and a sudden flash.
    “arrgh, that flash”
    “must be a dream”
    Without reconsidering the situation I just closed my eyes again and hoping to wake up from this sleeping sleep dreaming thing, but waiting for hours didn’t change anything.
    A wild beast sound growling and shaking the entire place, I dunno where but I definitely know that whatever this place called are crumbling with fear after hearing that sound.
    After a few seconds passed, the forest, I simply conclude that this place was called a forest after hearing many animal sounds, begin to quite again, but still I can sense many form of cautious motion begin to come near me
    “krssk, krrsk”
    Having no experience in this kind of situation, I decided to play dead. I don’t move an inch nor do I inhale the air. I could be fine to not inhale anything about five minute because I have an extra ordinary lung’s capacity. In my heart I just hoping that whatever creature near me will get bored and just simply leaves me alone. . . .
    It has been 4 minutes since my last breath, I could not last any longer than this. Many kind of heavy or light breath seems to gather around me, whomever have the chance to breath at a time like this, I’m feeling a big envious to them.
    “hoors hoorsshh”
    A small animals seems to jump on me, because of the shock, I lost my last breath and out of instinct, to live longer, even for a few second, I took a deep, very deep breath than open my eyes. Of course before doing that I simply jumped to stand up to get rid of the small animal and while on it I took a running position.
    I begin to run like crazy. I moved my legs over my limit, I had never realized that I could move so fast like this. I have heard that humans have limiters on their brain to keep them safe from overdoing their activity, but I don’t know that the limit could be simply broke by fear.
    After hearing that howling again, I crumbled at where I stand. I couldn’t imagine that I have stopped running caused by fear, normally any people will run faster if they are scared, but it seems their fear is nothing compared to this. This howling alone already make sure that even if I’m running like a storm, the thing that howl to me can easily trampled it with just one go.
    I tried to stand again. I don’t want to give up my life in this weird place. At last when I’m dying I want it to happen beside my loved one, even though I still don’t have any but still a hope is a right for every human being so it is okay for me to hope. Still with crumbling feet I moved my right leg to the front, then followed by my left leg.
    Without another delay after the first step I did I’m running like crazy again, but at the same moment I could hear the howl again, but this time it is much more louder and even caused me to lost my mind balance for a second.
    I find my ears, nose, and mouth bleeding after that. I tried to stop the bleeding but is has no use. Realize that it is hopeless to do so, and having sure that I will die at any moment caused by low blood. I at last want to see and challenge the thing that caused all of this mess. This is the first time after so long that I have a courage to face things like this. Usual I just simply hide behind others, but this time I must face it my self. This is the life that I will gamble, this is the fate that shall befall upon a coward like me. If I had not run since before I might be able to finish that thing, but since I am on the extra unlucky situation right now, my survival chance are below zero.
    “come, whatever you are, I shall face you!!”
    “ come here, I’m not afraid any more”
    “faster before I lost all of my blood, I will at last land a hit to you as a good bye present”
    Again that howl making me tremble and this time it’s about 5 times louder from before. Normally I will lost my consciousness from that. But not this time since I am determined enough to die. A few seconds passed after that, I still stand alone like a tower in the middle of nowhere.
    It seems I have reached my limit, I began to loose al my accumulated energy since before.
    I looked at the edge of my left eye sight. I could see a baby like tiger animal, but it have four wing and two tails. The wings are attached to the lil tiger feet, each of them have one. The front feet have the wing wide open. It was so beautiful even it is not that big compared to the lil tiger body. The rear feet have the wing folded, the wing become shining and seems to be much sharper.
    The lil tiger begin to run towards me, the front wing also become folded like the back one. The tiger also change his eye sight, from the warm looking into the sharp looking.
    “come to me lil tiger, even if I have no energy last to stand a chance again that howling creature, at last I can become a shield for you, now come”
    After hearing my words, the tiger jump so fast towards me.
    I at last already prepared to be killed by the sharp folded wing from that lil tiger.
    The hard felling slowly changing into a warm feeling, the folded wing I know already changed into the former state.
    “truly, a brave minded fools” said the tiger.
    “huh, who’s that” said me
    “fools, look down, who do you think you are hugging right now”
    “a baby tiger ? so what”
    “ baby ? mawhahahhaha I am the GODS of this forest”
    “GODS ? what kind of GODS have the form of lil tiger?”
    “fools, watch your words, right now I’m healing your dammed wounds, if you make me angrier I will make the wounds heavier”
    “owh, so that’s why I’m feeling warm right now, awww”
    “be quiete”
    “okay, okay”
    “ any way, why are you roaming around in my forest, The Nim Forest?”
    “who do you said roaming around??”
    “kid, watch your words . . . . also you even dared to sleep in this sacred forest”
    “sacred ??”
    “oh my, it seems you don’t even know where you are now”
    “of course I am, how should I know where am I if had just fallen from the sky and lost my consciousness after seeing a star like circle”
    “star like circle ? the sky? Is there any Monsterneous big bird ?”
    “ yeah, that one, the one that let me fall down, that stupid bird caused all of this”
    “watch your words, that thing you called stupid is a phoenix, even a GODS like me only meet him once every 1000 years”
    “so you are a geezer ? aw aw aw, ok I got it, forgive me”
    “any way you are lucky to have meet him, that thing is a sign of evolution, a sign of happiness, and sometimes bring a lot catastrophe within it, just like what have you gone through”
    “err, geezer I want to ask you question”
    “what ?”
    “are you the one that howling before ?”
    “yeah so what about it ?”
    “are you friggin crazy? You make the whole forest tremble!”
    “ just so you know, if I howl, that is a sign that one I have wake up, two as a warming sound for the entire forest, and three as a weapon to attack humans just like you”
    “then what if the people that heard your howling die ?”
    “then that is their fate, and that is their fault for entering this sacred forest”
    “why don’t you make me more angrier so that I can howl beside your eardrums ?”
    “no thank you, mr GODS”
    “good, it seems your wounds are already healed”
    “hell yeah, upps, yeah, thank you”
    “no need to chit chat, quickly leave this forest, if you don’t you will be attacked by the monster of this forest!”
    “why? Aren’t you their leader ?”
    “I have no right to forbid them from eating a humans that enter this sacred place”
    “then why you helped me ?”
    “just your luck, my mood have been good since I’m wake up”
    “okay, thx again and this time good bye, hope to see u again soon, err not to soon though”
    “just go away . . head to the north, you will find a human city if you walked 3 days strike”
    “kay, ehh 3 days ?”
    “. . . . .. .. . . . . “
    “few, that kid is really something, to holds up again my howl and able to stand up again. was my howling really that weak? If a human city heard my howl it would be an instant destruction, yet that kid didn’t get much damage and even able to fold back my wings of anger in a mere second, that phoenix really bring a big catasphore”

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