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Partner The 18th ALSA National English Competition

Discussion in 'Event' started by Event, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. Event Administrator


    Aug 2, 2011
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    Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia, proudly present

    "Engage with the world, Push beyond your boundaries!"


    Will be held in:
    23 – 29 April 2014

    Alsa English Competition


    ALSA LC UI holds the National English Competition (ALSA E-Comp) annually as means to fulfilling its vision of encouraging the application of English in daily communication. ALSA E-Comp is a perfect medium in facilitating the endeavoring needs through set of competitions for high school and university students in the English linguistic field. Since the first ALSA E-Comp in 1995, numerous high school and university students from all over Indonesia had continually participated in this event, thus nationally ALSA E-Comp had successfully proves its prominent existence for 17 years. To continue the success we proudly present: (THE 18TH ALSA NATIONAL ENGLISH COMPETITION; ALSA ECOMP 2014 “Engage with The World, Push Beyond Your Boundaries!” ALSA E-Comp 2014 has 8 competitions, which are Debate, E-Comp Model United Nations (E-MUN), Battle of Brains, Story Telling, Speech, Spelling Bee, News Casting and Paper Presentation. For this year, ALSA E-Comp 2014 will be presenting an MUN Workshop, namely ALSA E-Comp 2014 Presents: MUN Workshop. With ALSA E-Comp 2014 participants and students in FHUI as MUN Workshop’s participants, the ALSA E-Comp 2014 Presents: MUN Workshop will be held a day before the main event and consisted of workshop on negotiating, speech and drafting.


    Engage with the World
    Engagemeans to participate or become involved in. Through this phrase, we would like to inspire the young minds to contribute their doings to the world; taking parts in impacting the world. Life is too short to be wasted being just so.
    Push Beyond Your Boundaries!
    Boundaries is often understood as borders between countries. In this phrase, the word boundaries can be taken literally, but can also be understood as self-limitations. Self-limitations is a condition when one limits his or her capability because he or she thinks that the limit is the furthest he or she can achieve. Through this phrase, we would like to motivate the young people to aim and do beyond what they think they are capable of. While taking the word boundaries as it is literally, we would like to inspire these young people to go global; drag themselves across the globe and achieve their dreams everywhere.

    Pre event: 23 April 2014 ( E-comp Model United Nations)
    24 – 29 April 2014
    2.News Casting
    3.Story Telling
    4.Speeling Bee
    6.Battle of brains
    7.Paper Presentation

    Contact us:

    Twitter : @alsaecomp2014
    Instagram : ALSAECOMP2014
    Web : www.alsaecomp.web.id
    Email : alsaecomp2013@gmail.com

    Tasya: 081281847410 (for High School)
    Avi :087882054549 (for Varsity)
  2. llgaga Members


    Apr 12, 2014
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    terima kasih...
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