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Rina Aiuchi Japanese Singer ^.^

Discussion in 'Celebrity Snapshot' started by f4llery, Jul 11, 2010.

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    f4llery Lurking Around Most Valuable Users

    Aug 17, 2009
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    Name: Aiuchi Rina (愛内里菜)
    Birthdate: July 31st, 1980
    Birthplace: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
    Blood Type: A
    Height: 158cm
    Bust: 82cm
    Waist: 58cm
    Hips: 83cm
    Hobbies: Creation cooking, nail art
    Favourite Artists: Madonna, Britney Spears, Minnie Riperton, Brigitte Bardot
    Be Happy

    Aiuchi Rina (2000)
    Aiuchi Rina has always enjoyed singing and her ability to play piano had made her the class pianist during her elementary school years. Before her debut, she modelled for the magazine Cawaii! in a short period of time.
    In 1999, Aiuchi was the winner of the "SUPER STARLIGHT CONTEST" held by GIZA studio and got a contract. She made her musical debut in 2000 with the single Close To Your Heart at the age of 19. It became a club hit. Her fourth single Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense was used as the opening theme for the anime Meitantei Conan, in which the characters danced parapara to the music. This single was also her first time breaking the Oricon top 10, as the song reached #5. Months later, her first album Be Happy was released; it reached #3 on the Oricon and sold over 325,000 copies.
    In October 2001, Aiuchi released the pop ballad NAVY BLUE. This single reached #2 on the Oricon and is currently her highest selling single, at 128,000 copies. When she released I can't stop my love for you♥, it was made the opening theme for Meitantei Conan once more and hit the Oricon at #2 again.
    Aiuchi's next album, POWER OF WORDS, became her highest selling record to date and reached #1 on the Oricon. Its sales totaled over 419,000 copies. She also began her national tour "Rina Aiuchi Live Tour 2002 'POWER OF WORDS'" and had eight performances.
    2003 was a big year for Aiuchi Rina. When FULL JUMP was released, it became the theme song of Nippon Television's baseball broadcasts. She also appeared as a guest for the Yomiuri Giants vs. Yokohama BayStars game, but admitted to being a Hanshin Tigers fan instead. The same year, the "Rina♥Matsuri" concert was held on July 31st in Osaka as a special performance for her birthday. Guests included fellow GIZA artists U-ka saegusa, Uehara Azumi, Shizukusa Yumi and Utoku Keiko.

    Aiuchi Rina (2003)
    On October 15th, 2003 Aiuchi released three things: her third album, 15th single, and second photobook "made in RINA 2003". Like her previous album, A.I.R also reached #1 on the Oricon; however, the sales for her third album were far less, around 183,000 copies. Aiuchi also had her national tour "Rina Aiuchi Live Tour 2003 'A.I.R'", but performed only four times. In December, her Single Collection was released and she performed for the first time at the 54th Kouhaku Utagassen, singing FULL JUMP.
    Dream x Dream was released the following year in April and was used as the theme for the Meitantei Conan movie Ginyoku no Magician, making it her first movie tie-in. Again in 2004, "Rina♥Matsuri 2004" was held on her birthday and August 3rd with guests U-ka saegusa, Kitahara Aiko, Shizukusa Yumi and Kishimoto Hayami. After two more singles, START and Boom-Boom-Boom, her fourth album PLAYGIRL was released and charted at #7 on the Oricon, selling roughly 106,000 copies.
    In July 2005, Aiuchi performed at the Animelo Summer Live 2005 -THE BRIDGE- with several other artists performing anime themes. She sang I can't stop my love for you♥ and Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense, both used in Meitantei Conan. She did a collaboration with Tsunku in his Type2 album, entitled Ai Epilogue. Then, "Rina♥Matsuri 2005" was held with guests U-ka saegusa IN db, OOM, Kamiki Aya and the★tambourines. When the single ORANGE★NIGHT was released, it was all but annihilated by Shuuji to Akira's Seishun Amigo, only charting at #12.
    In March 2006, her 21st single, a double a-side entitled GLORIOUS / PRECIOUS PLACE was released. Both songs were featured in the PlayStation 2 game Another Century's Episode 2, as opening and ending themes respectively. It charted at #5 on the Oricon. She released one more single, MIRACLE, before her fifth album DELIGHT was released. The album reached #4 and sold barely more than 50,000 copies. Then she had her national tour "RINA AIUCHI LIVE TOUR 2006 'DELIGHT'".
    In June 2006, Aiuchi teamed up with fellow GIZA artist and friend U-ka saegusa to release a collaboration single, 100 Mono Tobira. The song was used as opening theme for Meitantei Conan and charted at #8. In the next month, she took part in the concert Animelo Summer Live 2006 -OUTRIDE-, held in Nippon Budoukan. She performed 100 Mono Tobira (with U-ka saegusa), GLORIOUS and MIRACLE -Allegro. vivacemix-. In the same month she had her own concert "Rina♥Matsuri 2006". The guests this time around were Takei Shiori, Kamiki Aya, Sparkling☆Point, U-ka saegusa and Kitahara Aiko. Aiuchi was also featured in the special unit Nagisa no All Stars, created by TUBE and Oda Tetsuro. They released the single Taiyou no Take Off / Kimi wa Boku no Aozora in August 23rd, 2006. Aiuchi shared the vocals with Nagase Miyu and Aran Tomoko on the second track.

    Aiuchi Rina (2007)
    2007 started with the single Bara ga Saku Bara ga Chiru being released in January 1st. In the next month, Aiuchi perfomed two days of the concert "RINA AIUCHI VALENTINE LIVE 2007", which was later released as a DVD. A second collaboration single with U-ka saegusa was planned, named Nanatsu no Umi wo Wataru Kaze no You ni. It was used as the theme song for the Meitantei Conan movie Konpeki no Jolly Roger, and did slightly better than their previous single, charting at #6. Her annual birthday concert "Rina♥Matsuri 2007" was held, but unlike the others, it wasn't released as a DVD. Aiuchi released Mint in August and the double a-side Nemurenu Yo ni / PARTY TIME PARTY UP in December.
    The following year saw the release of her ballad single, I believe you ~Ai no Hana~, in May. Two weeks later her sixth album, TRIP, was out. The album reached #10, and is her lowest ranking for albums yet, with 29,000 copies sold. The "Rina♥Matsuri 2008" took place in Zepp OSAKA in July 26th. In August 30th, a special live was produced by Yomiuri TV, entitled "Meitantei Conan Natsu Matsuri ~Yume no Hatsu Live~". The performers were Kuraki Mai, Aiuchi Rina (with guest U-ka saegusa) and Kamiki Aya.
    In October 15th, Aiuchi made a double release, her 27th single Kimi to no Deai ~good bye my days~ and the DVD PREMIER SHOT #4 VISUAL COLLECTION. They were followed by another double a-side single, Friend / Sugao no Mama, in December.
    2009 marked her 10th Anniversary in the industry. After the single Ai no Kotoba, Aiuchi released her seventh album, THANX, in March 25th, and ranked #7 on the Oricon. The DVD included in the limited edition type A contained her performance from "Rina♥Matsuri 2008". A special site was launched with messages from Aiuchi, self-liner notes, and a section to vote for songs to be performed at "Rina♥Matsuri 2009". Aiuchi's 30th single, STORY / SUMMER LIGHT, is scheduled to be released in July 22nd.

    Speaks in Kansai dialect. Although she has a tiny, high-pitched voice while speaking, her voice becomes deep and powerful when singing.
    She was produced by Nagato Daikou and KANONJI until a few years ago when she began self-producing.
    On the CD extras for her third album, Aiuchi says A.I.R stands for "Aiuchi Infinity Rina".
    Several of Aiuchi's songs have been covered in English by fellow GIZA artist and composer Ohno Aika.
    [2001.01.24] Be Happy
    [2002.05.15] POWER OF WORDS
    [2003.10.15] A.I.R
    [2004.12.15] PLAYGIRL
    [2006.05.31] DELIGHT
    [2008.05.21] TRIP
    [2009.03.25] THANX
    Other Albums
    [2003.07.30] RINA AIUCHI REMIXES Cool City Production vol.5 (Remix Album)
    [2003.12.17] Single Collection (Best Album)
    [2009.12.16] ALL SINGLES BEST ~THANX 10TH ANNIVERSARY~ (Best Album)
    [2010.03.24] COLORS (B-side Best)
    [2000.03.23] Close To Your Heart
    [2000.05.31] It's crazy for you
    [2000.07.26] Ohh! Paradise Taste!!
    [2000.10.25] Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense (恋はスリル、ショック、サスペンス)
    [2001.04.11] FAITH
    [2001.06.27] Run up
    [2001.10.03] NAVY BLUE
    [2002.02.14] Forever You ~Eien ni Kimi to~ (Forever You ~永遠に君と~)
    [2002.04.10] I can't stop my love for you♥
    [2002.08.01] Sincerely Yours / Can you feel the POWER OF WORDS?
    [2002.11.20] Deep Freeze
    [2003.01.15] Kaze no Nai Umi de Dakishimete (風のない海で抱きしめて)
    [2003.05.14] FULL JUMP
    [2003.06.30] Over Shine
    [2003.10.15] Kuuki (空気)
    [2004.04.28] Dream x Dream
    [2004.05.26] START
    [2004.10.20] Boom-Boom-Boom
    [2005.05.04] Akaku Atsui Kodou (赤く熱い鼓動)
    [2005.11.02] ORANGE★NIGHT
    [2006.03.29] GLORIOUS / PRECIOUS PLACE
    [2006.05.03] MIRACLE
    [2007.01.01] Bara ga Saku Bara ga Chiru (薔薇が咲く 薔薇が散る)
    [2007.08.15] Mint
    [2007.12.19] Nemurenu Yo ni / PARTY TIME PARTY UP (眠れぬ夜に)
    [2008.05.07] I believe you ~Ai no Hana~ (I believe you ~愛の花~)
    [2008.10.15] Kimi to no Deai ~good bye my days~ (君との出逢い ~good bye my days~)
    [2008.12.17] Friend / Sugao no Mama (素顔のまま)
    [2009.02.11] Ai no Kotoba (アイノコトバ)
    [2009.07.22] STORY / SUMMER LIGHT
    [2009.10.21] MAGIC
    [2010.07.28] HANABI
    Digital Downloads
    [2010.04.14] GOOD DAYS
    [2010.05.26] Sing a Song
    [2010.06.23] C・LOVE・R
    [2001.12.05] PREMIER SHOT #1
    [2002.07.17] RINA AIUCHI LIVE TOUR 2002 "POWER OF WORDS"
    [2003.06.25] PREMIER SHOT #2
    [2003.09.25] Rina♥Matsuri 2003 (里菜♥祭り 2003)
    [2004.03.22] RINA AIUCHI LIVE TOUR 2003 "A.I.R"
    [2004.11.03] Rina♥Matsuri 2004 (里菜♥祭り 2004)
    [2005.09.28] Rina♥Matsuri 2005 (里菜♥祭り 2005)
    [2006.11.01] Rina♥Matsuri 2006 (里菜♥祭り 2006)
    [2007.05.23] RINA AIUCHI VALENTINE LIVE 2007
    [2006.06.14] Aiuchi Rina & U-ka saegusa with Sparkling☆Point - 100 Mono Tobira (100もの扉)
    [2007.04.11] Aiuchi Rina & U-ka saegusa - Nanatsu no Umi wo Wataru Kaze no You ni (七つの海を渡る風のように)
    Compilations / Other
    [2000.11.29] THE BEST OF DETECTIVE CONAN (#5 Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense)
    [2001.12.05] GIZA studio R&B Respect Vol.1 ~six sisters selection~ (#6 I Will Survive)
    [2001.12.19] GIZA studio Masterpiece BLEND 2001 (Disc 1 #4 NAVY BLUE; Disc 2 #5 Run up)
    [2002.12.18] GIZA studio Masterpiece BLEND 2002 (Disc 1 #2 Deep Freeze; Disc 2 #1 I can't stop my love for you♥; #9 POWER OF WORDS)
    [2003.11.26] THE HIT PARADE (#3 Namida no Taiyou)
    [2003.12.10] THE BEST OF DETECTIVE CONAN 2 (#6 I can't stop my love for you♥)
    [2003.12.17] GIZA studio Masterpiece BLEND 2003 (Disc 1 #2 ∞INFINITY; Disc 2 #2 Over Shine)
    [2005.07.13] Type2 (#2 Ai Epilogue) / Tsunku & Aiuchi Rina
    [2005.12.14] FEEL SO BAD - Fukkatsu! F.S.B NIGHT LIVE at hills Pan Kojo (#14 I can't stop my love for you♥; #15 Do You Wanna Touch Me; #16 Yuu sanso Undou)
    [2006.08.23] Nagisa no All Stars - Taiyou no Take Off / Kimi wa Boku no Aozora (#2 Kimi wa Boku no Aozora)
    [2006.12.13] THE BEST OF DETECTIVE CONAN ~The Movie Themes Collection~ (#3 Dream x Dream)
    [2008.08.06] THE BEST OF DETECTIVE CONAN 3 (Disc 1 #5 Dream x Dream, #6 START)
    [2008.12.24] GIZA studio 10th Anniversary Masterpiece BLEND ~LOVE Side~ (#2 NAVY BLUE)
    [2008.12.24] GIZA studio 10th Anniversary Masterpiece BLEND ~FUN Side~ (#3 Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense)

    [2002.05.15] made in RINA 2002
    [2003.10.15] made in RINA 2003
    Maaf ya kalo ada yang gamabarnya double atau :repost: tapi aku jangan di :bata:
    thanxs dah mampir dan kasih commentnya :bye:
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    dedig Silent Reader Members

    Sep 13, 2009
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    oh ini yang nyanyi salah sato ost nya detective conan, ya, suara nya memang mantap abis :hahai::hahai::hahai::piss::piss::piss:bagi para penggemar Anime ost:boong::boong::boong:

    cakep juga orang nya
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    chibiziku Beginner Most Valuable Users

    Apr 6, 2010
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    ga cuman mukany caem tp suarany jg bagus :top:
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    shinminho Senpai Veteran

    Sep 29, 2009
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    cakep :cinta: tp kok agak2 mirip sm boa ya :???:
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    f4llery Lurking Around Most Valuable Users

    Aug 17, 2009
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    halo kk semua ni foto na

    tolong kasih commentnya ya kk:bye:
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    b4gor Lurking Around Most Valuable Users

    Feb 26, 2010
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    CAntik sh..
    Tp msh kurang greget gmna gt...
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    vickysetya Members

    Jul 21, 2010
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    jelk gan . . suaranya emg enak ?
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    fahamzah Lurking Around Most Valuable Users

    Apr 27, 2009
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    yah mayan lah dari pada kagak ada sama skali :piss:
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    cacienk13 Lurking Around Most Valuable Users

    Jun 26, 2010
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    ga cantik-cantik amat kalo kata gw...

    tapi suaranya ko bagus ya..

    kalo buat gw itu lebih penting daripada jual tampang doang, tapi lumayan lah tampang + Skill
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