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OriFic Redfire

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by RenX, May 23, 2011.

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    RenX Post Hunter Moderator

    Jun 13, 2009
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    Genre : Action | Adventure

    Main Characters

    • Nina, the White Haze
    • Floyd, the Redfire
    • Wade, the Swordmaster
    • James, the Darkfire
    • Lloyd


    1987, Long Island City, Queens.

    An old woman who lives in a luxurious house with her family goes to park with her daughter in the morning. Her name is Nina. After a leisure walk on the park, she decided to buy some things. While on her way to the shop, she witnesses a person on the street who is seemingly controlled by an evil. The man acts violently until the police arrives and tries to control the situation. Nina then suddenly couldn't stand on her feet, falls and begins to cry. Her daugther then asks her about what happened to her. Crying, Nina doesn't say anyhing and asks her daughter to go home. When they are home, the family immediately gathers, asking about why Nina is crying. Nina goes to living room and the her entire family follows her. There, she takes an old picture of her and her family a long time ago. She gives the photo to her daughter. She takes a seat and begins to tell her and the remaining members of her family why she cried earlier. Then, she recalls everything about her life in 1926 and 1927 which according to her, it was bitter and sweet.​


    • One - The Beginning
    • Two - In The City
    • Three - Liberty Island
    • Four - A Fellow Hunter
    • Five - Central Park

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    RenX Post Hunter Moderator

    Jun 13, 2009
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    Chapter One - The Beginning

    1927, Lower Manhattan, New York.

    It's the year of 1926 in which Nina and her family had a beautiful life. Her family currently consists of four members, Nina herself, her father James, and brothers, Floyd and Lloyd. Her mother is deceased due to the loss of much of her blood giving birth to her. Her father was a lawyer, both Lloyd and Floyd already had jobs and Nina was currently in search of a job. Everything went fine that year but in late 1927, multiple terrible events occurred. Those include the sudden missing of her father and his brother, Lloyd. She made multiple attempts to find them but she didn't make it. The day after the missing of her father and brother, she found out that most people on New York were gone. No traces at all. The city, at the time, was like a model city. She was confused and attempted to find her brother, Floyd. She found him sitting calmly in his room. She initially believed that her brother knew nothing about all this but after she talked to him, she felt that he knew and he did talk about some damned creatures.

    "At the time, I didn't know how to properly react to those rubbishes", The elderly Nina recalls.

    Floyd stood up and asked Nina to follow him. The two went to a secret place located below the house, which was something Nina never aware of. In it, she found swords and other weird equipments. Floyd immediately wore some of them and asked Nina to do the same thing. She refused and asked him what was the meaning of all this. Floyd saw confusion in his sister. He didn't say anything and went upstairs. She followed him and was surprised that the city is suddenly filled with complete darkness as she entered the house. She didn't know where her brother went but she was sure that he was still around the house. She could barely see and walk until suddenly an arm of his brother grabbed her, which somehow gave her an ability to see in the darkness. I said...

    "What is this, how can it be? I don't understand."

    Floyd then said calmly...

    "Don't worry. You will someday."

    Dressed in a large, black coat with some flame motifs and equipped with a large, normal human-sized sword placed on his back, Floyd and his sister went on a journey to various parts of the city. All the time, Nina kept on asking her brother to tell her about all this. He finally did but not in its entirety. "The damned creatures I talked about earlier, it's true, they're coming", he said. Shocked and scared, Nina couldn't say anything and all along she only asked why and why. While they were walking together, suddenly an unknown creature came and tried to attack them. Nina spontaneously screamed and quickly hid somewhere safe. Floyd fought the creature ferociously. She watched the fight and was amazed that her brother had extremely excellent skills in battling the creature. After defeating it, Floyd returned to his sister and asked whether she was hurt.

    "What is it?" She asked in fear.

    "Believe it or not, that's a demon, I'm sure there are more of them out there." Floyd told me as he stood up.

    "Where are you going? I’m not going anywhere, I'm staying." She replied him fearfully.

    "You have to be near me at all times if you want to be safe." Floyd told me as he looked at my eyes vehemently.

    Since Nina couldn't do anything on her own, she reluctantly agreed. The two siblings then went on.
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  4. Online

    RenX Post Hunter Moderator

    Jun 13, 2009
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    +20,751 / -1
    Chapter Two - In The City

    Nina kept on asking Floyd regarding what's happening. All the way, Floyd only told her a little and always ended his explanation with "Don't worry, you'll know someday". Confused, Nina had no choice but to follow her brother. While on their way, they found their brother, Lloyd lying on the street unconscious. Nina was the first to approach him and found unusual wounds on her brother's body. She urged Floyd to move him to a safe place, when suddenly some demons attacked them. Nina knew what to do and let Floyd deal with the demons. She made attempts to make her brother awake but nothing worked. Eventually, Lloyd did wake up but abruptly hit her and fled. Floyd was still battling with the demons when that happened and when he's finished, he immediately ran to Nina and asked what had happened.

    "He attacked me, he hit me in the head", Nina said.
    "Why don't you hit him back?!" Floyd replied angrily.

    Nina was shocked at his answer. She wanted to talk him back but she found herself she couldn't because her brother was staring at her vehemently. She said

    "Well, he's my brother! I won't do that to him! Are you out of your mind?"
    "Goddamn it, Nina! If I were to hit you, would you just do nothing and let yourself get hit?!"

    Deeply shocked, Nina couldn't say anything and struck her brother with her right hand. Floyd handled it easily but Nina saw a slight horror in his face.

    "All right then, I know you love your brother, I do, but should you love that kind of person?" Floyd said.

    "I don't care what kind of person he is, he's my brother and I love him." Nina replied confidently.

    "Whatever then. Come on." Floyd said.

    He then stood up and the two continued their journey. They made their way to Times Square, where they found countless dead demons on the street. Floyd closely observed them and asked Nina to do the same thing. Scared, she reluctantly observed one of them. Turned out, the one she observed was still alive and struck her. Panicked, Nina did all she can to battle with it. Floyd just stood nearby watching.

    "Are you just going to stand there and do nothing?! Help me!" Nina shouted to him while battling the demon.

    "You can do it. Go ahead and finish it.", Floyd said as he continued observing the demons.

    Irritated, Nina spontaneously and ferociously fought the demon and defeated it. Shortly after, she brutally struck her brother. Unknown to Floyd, he almost failed in defending himself. Nina shouts to him...


    Floyd calmly looked at his sister's eyes and said...

    "It seems your strength has begun to increase, keep it up but don't overdo it"

    Flustered and angered, Nina replied...

    "Would you please stop telling me all those rubbish?! I don't understand what are you babbling about since this whole thing happened."

    Floyd calmly replied,

    "All you need is patience. You will someday."

    While they were arguing, Nina saw a man badly running into a building in the distance. She initially believed that the man was Lloyd and asked Floyd to go to the building and help him. Floyd refused, saying that it'd be a fatal mistake if we did.

    "I don't know that you are selfish! Nina looks at her brother angrily before running into the building. Floyd immediately prevents her from going.

    "Nina, Listen to me, We have to..."

    Nina angrily interrupts.

    "I've had enough of your nonsense, now LET ME GO, I have to save him!"

    Nina quickly ran to the building and searched her brother, Lloyd. The building she is about to enter is an abandoned office and she was scared at first. Once she entered, she had these weird feelings that always disturbed her. These disturbing feelings were getting stronger and stronger as she explored the building deeper. At one point, those disturbing feelings disappeared and all of a sudden, she was attacked by a demon and spontaneously avoided the attack. She acknowledged that this one differs from the other ones that she and her brother encountered before. It has a larger body, particularly its arms and legs. She fought it but found it to be difficult. She kept on hitting the demon but it was largely ineffective and the demon always struck back. Exhausted, Nina fled the scene and continued to search her brother. In the meantime, Floyd was still observing the dead demons upon which he found something precious, a star-shaped black diamond. Felt a slight power from it, he decided to kept it in his coat. He then went to the building where Nina was.

    Nina was still in search of her brother with those disturbing feelings again. On her way, she again encountered a demon. Turned out, it was the same one she confronted before. Initially reluctant to fight, Nina tried to run away but the demon prevented her. Suddenly, a medium-sized, bright silver-colored sword fell from the higher floor of the building. Without the care of the sword's origin, Nina took the sword and fought the demon. With the sword, she found it much easier to fight. She eventually defeated the demon as her brother, Floyd, arrived.

    "Looks like you've got the point", he said

    Nina replied that she didn't. She asked Floyd to search Lloyd with her but he refused.

    "Look, Floyd, I don't have the time to argue with you here. I have to go."

    Floyd then prevented his sister from going by holding her hand.

    "Listen, you have to understand me. I love you. I don't want you to get hurt, that's all. Please, you have to understand that I, as your brother, do love you. I do this not because I hate him, okay? Please, Nina, for the sake of yourself. We gotta go now, to find a place to rest, you look tired. Come on." Floyd said.

    Nina reluctantly agreed and left the building with Floyd. The two went on to find a place to stay. They finally found one and decided to take a rest there. Nina was sitting in a room, taking a look at the sword she got earlier. She noticed a motif, a star-like one, in her sword which was seemingly incomplete. While she carefully looked at the sword, her brother walked in and asked her about the origin of the sword.

    "Where did you get that?"

    "I don't know, this fell from the higher floor of that office building. And you know what? I feel like I've been using this sword for a long time."

    "Good then. That means you have found what's for you. You only."

    "I don't know what that means. Anyway, What made you know that Lloyd wasn't there? How can you be so sure?"

    "I'm sure you would accept that as nonsense."

    Nina looked flustered and delivered a slight smile. Floyd then went outside, left Nina alone in the room. Four hours later, the two siblings are on their journey again, this time, to find their missing father. They both checked every building across the street, its alleys, its back but they found nothing. They are really in a city of dead. While they were on the street, fog emerged in the distance. The two ignored them, thinking that was usual. The fog then gradually became thick and eventually surrounded them. Floyd asked Nina to remain silent and aware of the situation. It lasted at about two minutes. When the fog disappeared, Floyd turned back only to find his sister gone. He was very upset and all of a sudden, some demons came and violently attacked him. He quickly avoided the attack and then angrily and viciously fought them. Eventually winning the battle, he sat and still felt a great guilt for the disappearance of his sister.

    Meanwhile, stranded in a large, dark cave, Nina attempted to escape. While doing so, there she saw a black, tall knight with a large sword placed on his back. Tough, he was not moving at all, she planned to approach it but those disturbing feelings were coming back again as she walked slowly to him. Her feelings were right. It was much similar situation to the ones in the office building. From behind, came demons who tried to attack Nina. With her only sword, she fought them and unfortunately was hit several times. Tough she finally won the fight, she was severely wounded on her right shoulder. She laid herself down, took a deep breath, looking at her surroundings and tried to deal with her wound. That time, she noticed that her blood was not red in color. It was all black and a slight red. She began to panicked because earlier that day, she noticed that demon's blood was also black in color. She tried to convince herself hard that she was not one of them demons. Furthermore, at one point, she was panicked even more after she noticed that the black knight was gone. She stood up and looked at her surroundings. That black knight is really gone. Feelings of fear began to haunt her and she decided to get out of the cave. Outside the cave, was a foggy forest. She explored it and hoped that she will return to her brother. She walked more than a mile and found nothing ahead of her. In front of her was only a seemingly endless foggy forest. While exploring the forest fearfully, she saw a black and tall figure moving fast in the distance. She assumed that it was the black knight she saw earlier in the cave. She started to go to the same direction where the knight went to. She walked slowly there and unexpectedly, the black knight was standing right before her. The two were standing, looking at each other before the knight abruptly hit Nina in the face and was thrown to the ground. The knight pulled out his sword and acted as if he wanted to fight her. Nina knew that she couldn't fight due to her wound but she also knew that this knight would never let her go. So, she finally decided to give him some time to play.

    "All right then, if this is what you want." Nina said as she stood up.

    The two began to fight. At first, Nina dominated the fight as she never stopped striking him. The knight wasn't defending himself only, but also struck when the time was right, when the time Nina was at her weakest point. Wounded badly, Nina realized that she couldn't fight well but she always pushed herself hard. At one point, she stood still and let the knight to strike first and tried to attack at the right time but all the time, the knight just stood still, waiting for her to attack him. So, she started to think clearly. She again attacked him repeatedly but when her attack is repulsed, she defended herself and violently blew the hell out of the knight, knocking him down temporarily. The knight then quickly stood up, looked at Nina for a while and then fled. Nina saw him running and disappeared into the fog. She then continued to find the way out of the foggy forest but couldn't find any. Meanwhile in the city, Floyd tried to find his sister but didn't know why. During one point, he saw a thick fog nearby. Without the care of himself, he quickly went into it. Within the fog, he looked around and around and hoped that his sister would soon return. The fog surrounded him for some minutes and then disappeared. He felt a disappointment but when he turned, there she is. She was lying on the floor breathlessly. She was so tired that she couldn't walk so her brother carried her to a safe place. There she told him everything that had happened before she disappeared including the fight she had with the black knight.

    "Where have you been? Who's made you like this?!" Floyd asked angrily.

    "I don't know, it was nowhere. Some demons came and tried to attack me, I fought them and this is the result. And then, I got in a fight with a black knight, he was so strong!" Nina replied.

    "What does he look like? Tell me, I'd crush him if I did meet him." Floyd vowed.

    "He was tall, and... and he was all black, metallic black." Nina replied.

    "What else? Floyd asked again.

    "oh, he got this, a small red star on his left chest."

    Floyd recalled the similar star he picked some hours ago. He then told Nina to get some rest without telling her anything about the star. Floyd sat near where his sister was lying, took the Black Star from his coat and looked at it carefully. At the time he picked that up, he only felt a slight power from it, but now he felt that the power is stronger than before. But still, he got no idea what that thing really is. He then put the star in his coat, turned to his sister, kissed her in the head while she was sleeping.

    Six hours later, Nina woke up and discovered that she is fully recovered. She initially believed that her brother did cure her while she was still sleeping but later she wasn't sure of that. Her brother walked in.

    "Thank you for my shoulder." Nina said.

    "What are you talking about? I didn't do anything." Floyd answered.

    "What? Then who fixed my wound?" Nina asked.

    "I'm sure you would accept that as nonsense. Come on get up, we gotta go, we got to find father."

    Nina, who initially didn't want to believe the things her brother said earlier, began to but she didn't want to fully believe it. The two siblings are on their way again. Suddenly, Floyd had these slight disturbing feelings and made him walk slowly and carefully. He asked his sister to be aware and careful of the situation but Nina said that she didn't feel anything.

    "These feelings come again, we need to be careful." Floyd warned.

    Nina asked her brother if those feelings Floyd felt were the same as she did feel earlier. Floyd didn't say anything and keep asking his sister to remain aware. After a mile, there, the two encountered a man dressed in a coat similar to Floyd's, differs only in color, stood in the sibling's way. Turned out, the man was their brother. Nina immediately went to him but Floyd prevented her and asked to stay out of this. The two brothers were staring at each other. Floyd, keeping his temper, kindly asked his brother why he hit Nina earlier. Lloyd didn't answer and continued to look at Floyd's eyes vehemently. Floyd asked once again and still, Lloyd didn't answer. Abruptly, Lloyd attacked his brother using his sword. Floyd defended himself and the two brothers began to fight. Nina tried hard to stop them from fighting but their fight was too fierce to be ceased. All the time, Nina kept on shouting at both of them but it didn't work. Couldn't see her brothers fight, she put herself between them, ceasing the fight. Seeing her as an obstacle, Lloyd pushed his sister to the side, and made Floyd terribly angry and attacked him. The two brothers then continued their fierce fight. Nina, slightly mad, put herself again between them but this time it was totally different. As she did, the time suddenly became as slow as a snail. In her current position, she faced Lloyd as he slowly swung his sword at her. By the time the sword nearly reaches Nina, all of a sudden, she counter-attacked him with an electrical explosion that threw the brothers to the ground. As Nina finished her counter-attack, her condition fell drastically but she was able to stand still. Lloyd couldn't believe it, he was severely wounded, bleeding and barely ran away. Nina turned back, saw Lloyd's blood and it was exactly the same as hers. Upon seeing it, she always convinced herself that her brother, Lloyd and herself was not one of those damned creatures. She then quickly went to her brother, Floyd, asking whether he was hurt. Not only Lloyd but also Floyd, was really shocked at his sister's power.

    "My, my, you really have understood." Floyd said.

    "I myself cannot believe it." Nina replied.

    But Floyd had no idea about his sister's feelings regarding her power. Floyd still saw confusion in his sister. While the two were talking, another threat came. A knight suddenly appeared nearby and attacked the siblings. The two immediately avoided the attack and got themselves ready to fight. Nina realized that this knight was the same knight as the one she encountered in the forest of fog. She then told her brother about it and quickly made him lose his temper.

    "Look, I want you to let me fight him alone. You stay back." Floyd warned his sister.

    "You're gonna need help!" Nina disagreed.

    "This is no time to argue. Stay back!" Floyd shouted to his sister and shortly after, the knight swung his sword at Floyd.

    Floyd quickly avoided the attack and the two began to fight. While fighting, just like his sister said earlier, Floyd noticed a red star placed on the knight's left chest and he did feel a slight power from it whenever he got near the knight. Thought he might own a new and profound power, Floyd vowed and decided to get the star from the knight after defeating him. However, he found much difficulties in this fight, as the knight hit him continuously resulting in Floyd having a hard time using his sword. The situation now belonged to the knight. Nina knew that she couldn't just stand and do nothing so she picked her sword and helped her brother fight. With the combined powers of the siblings, they both began to slowly take control of the situation. At one point, Floyd finally could use his sword to strike the knight down but he received a violent counter-attack in return, knocking him down and causing him to temporarily bleed. Nina quickly went to her brother and was shocked at the color of his blood. It was all black and very dark in color. Floyd then quickly stood up and continue the fight but the knight seemed reluctant to continue. Floyd was able to hit him several times before the knight ran away. Nina then approached her brother, she was still shocked due to Floyd's blood.

    "What are you?" Nina, in anger, asked.

    "I'm not human for sure. Is that a problem to you?" Floyd replied calmly.

    "OF COURSE IT IS, MY BROTHER IS A DEMON, AND THAT IS A PROBLEM. It seems that I myself is a demon as well." Nina told him in disappointment and was close to tears as she hit him continuously.

    "No, you're not. Anyway, there's no time for this, Nina. We've got to move on." Floyd replied as he stood up.

    "Whatever then. I'm done with all this." Nina told her brother as she walked away from him. Floyd quickly prevented her from going.

    "Do you think that you're the only one who couldn't initially accept this?" Floyd asked.

    "It's not about that! You didn't tell me about all this at the beginning. All you did was confusing me." Nina replied in tears.

    "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I didn't tell you because I'm sure you wouldn't believe such things.
    I can't let you go. Please Nina, stay with me." Floyd apologized.

    Nina only nodded while still in a slight cry. She thought that although her brother is a demon, she will always believe in him. It took a while for Nina to calm herself down. Floyd then kindly asked her to continue searching their father. She reluctantly agreed and the two went on. While on their way, they heard gunshots in the distance. Both of them were thinking the same, that there might be survivors out there. The two then made their way to the sound of guns. Luckily, the guns didn't stop to make noise until they found the origin of the noises. They eventually arrived at the very end of Lower Manhattan. They realize that the sound of gunshots came from an small island but they wasn't sure since there are two islands there, the Libery Island and the Ellis Island. However, it all became clear when a small explosion occured on Liberty Island.

    "Let's go there." Floyd said confidently.

    "Agree, but I need to gear myself up. It's gonna be tough there, I'm sure." Nina replied.

    "Okay, but there are no equipments here. What are you going to do?" Floyd asked.

    "I'm gonna go home for a while. You wait here." Nina told her brother as she goes.

    "Wait! I'm going with you." Floyd prevented her.

    "I'll be all right. Trust me." Nina told him in confidence and delivered a bright smile before she went.

    It's a mile away from the end of Lower Manhattan to her house. Nina walked quickly and while on her way, she was disturbed by the feelings she felt earlier. She quickly had thoughts that there were demons nearby. But all along, there wasn't any. She finally reached home safely and immediately headed to the basement to gear herself up. Down there, she acquired everything she can bring as additional weapons including two guns and its special bullets. Also, she discovered a set of clothes that was seemingly designed specifically for her. The set inlcudes a black tube top with magnets on its back, a mini-skirt with a gun holder and a pair of boots with a knife attached. She wore them on and it perfectly fitted her. She then made her way to the end of Lower Manhattan. This time, her disturbing feelings were correct while she was on her way. From the roof of the buildings nearby, demons came and tried to get in her way. These demons differ from the one she encountered in the office building. She didn't care about the difference between the demons and quickly fought them all viciously but she had some difficulties because she was outnumbered. Although so, that didn't make her run, instead, she was more vicious even though the demons savaged her continuously. She handled them one by one, using her sword perfectly. Besides being stronger than the previous demons, these ones could think as clear as humans do. At one point, some of them lured her. When Nina were fighting them, the other ones tried to attack her from behind. Nina spontaneously and successfully avoided them and voilently repulsed the attack, resulting in deaths of the demons. She fought the remaining demons and eventually won the fight. Then Nina placed her sword on her back. Before she ran to her brother, a man on the rooftop briefly stared at her and then quickly ran after she saw him. She couldn't identify him due to the poorly-lit street. She made her way again to her brother and finally arrived there. Floyd was greatly astonished by his sister's new appearance.

    "Wow, you look nice." Floyd said.

    "Yeah, I found this set of clothes in the basement. Also, I brought these from the basement." Nina handed one of the guns and the bullets to her brother.

    "Oh yeah, I forgot to bring one of these. This should help us much." Floyd told her as he loaded the gun.

    "How so?" Nina asked.

    "The bullets were specifically made for those demons. We'll see it later." Floyd said.

    "I wonder where those things in the basement came from." Nina asked as she prepared herself.

    "This is no time for that, Nina."

    The two then went to Liberty island by using a boat nearby to exactly find out what's happening there.
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    XtracK Beginner M V U

    Feb 22, 2011
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    god, it'll become serious story from here on. :sembah:
    good job, good job :top:
    baru kali ini sepengetahuanku ada yang nulis cerita pakai bahasa inggris.
    Kamu bukan orang Indonesia, ya?
    maaf kalau tidak sopan :maaf:
  6. Online

    RenX Post Hunter Moderator

    Jun 13, 2009
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    +20,751 / -1
    @XtracK : makasih skali lg gan, udh mau komen, appreciate it much :sembah:
    sy org asli indo kok gan, cm lagi kepengen aja pake Bahasa Inggris :XD:

    Chapter Three is still under construction :hahai:
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