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MyPhone+ for Facebook 2.1 for iPhone

Discussion in 'Free Talk Zone' started by blackocto, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. blackocto Members


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    Mar 26, 2008
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    MyPhone+ for Facebook 2.1 for iPhone
    Official URL: hxxp://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=300176824&mt=8
    Meet the next generation dialer for the iPhone that sync your contacts pictures and information with Facebook!

    MyPhone+ is an all-in-one premium dialer and Facebook synchronization application. It provides all dialing options: keypad, contact list and favorites, while keeping your contacts up to date with their latest picture and information from Facebook.

    + Sync your contacts pictures and information with Facebook - View contacts profile picture when they call you and when you call them. It takes one touch to sync your contacts with their latest profile picture and information from Facebook (birthdays, current address, company & job title). Option for syncing high resolution profile pictures. And more!

    + Most advanced Facebook sync engine - A smart matching algorithm will automaticlly find the matching Facebook friend for each contact. It will offer you best match suggestions even if a perfect match is not found for a contact. It will not overwrite existing contact pictures or information, unless you want it to.

    + Visual contact list - The built in contact list will display the full iPhone contact list with thumbnail photos, allowing to view and dial contacts in the coolest way.

    + One touch favorites photo dialer - One touch favorites photo dialer with multiple pages and zoom in/out option to adjust the number of photos on each page. Simply rearrange your favorites photo dialer by dragging the photos with your finger.

    + Quick search contacts - Simply shake your iPhone from anywhere in the application to immediately activate the search function. You can also use the smart search button, which appears automatically when scrolling through contacts in the contact list.

    + Access contacts Facebook profile directly from the contact list - View your contacts Facebook profile and photo albums or write on their wall with a tap of a finger.

    + Stylish designed keypad - Dial with MyPhone+ stylish designed keypad. Elegant, clean and much more nice to the eyes using the light background and dark numbers color scheme.

    * Visit our website for more details at www.ultimake.com

    "A defenite must-have application if you are looking to have pictures for your contacts in your address book" - whatsoniphone.com


    - If you have any question, problem or feature suggestion please don't hesitate to contact us using our web site or by emailing us to support@ultimake.com and we will contact you shortly.
    - We currently cannot add recent calls or voicemail tabs since these features are not permitted by the iPhone SDK.
    - Syncing email addresses or phone numbers is currently not possible since it is not allowed by Facebook and doing so violates the Facebook Terms of Use.
    New in this version - MyPhone+ now supports syncing also current address, company and job title with Facebook.
    - High quality profile pictures sync option!
    - Favorites photo dialer now supports zoom in / out.
    - Shake to Search: Fast and easy way to search contacts.
    - iPhone OS 3.0 compatibility.
    - 1900 birthdays bug fixed.
    - Performance and stability improvements.
    - Several UI improvements.
    - Import Facebook friends to your iPhone contact list.
    - UI translated to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew.
    - In-app FAQ and application Facebook page link.
    - Various bugs fixed.
    - And more!

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