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Lowongan Kerja Back-End Developer di PT Media Makmur

Discussion in 'Job Vacancy' started by startupjobsindonesia, Dec 16, 2015.

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  1. startupjobsindonesia Banned User



    Sep 7, 2015
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    PT Media Makmur is a specialized Japanese Beauty online media company providing all Indonesian female users with the latest and advanced Japan beauty information and products. The concept of Kawaii Beauty Japan consists of three parts, Skin, Body and Heart. This is because we believe that true beauty does't come from appearance, but from inside of yourself. We are also going to launch a Japanese Beauty Product E-Commerce soon, called Nadeko.

    We are a technology driven group who strives to use the best engineering methods available and keeps our processes lean to focus on building a cutting edge product.
    If you have a big view on things, a high resolution mind, enjoy discussing and implementing product ideas, and love to ship code, you are the ideal candidate for us.

    We are hunting for a very special and rare breed of developer. Someone that finds themselves soaking in the ray of sunshine that is HTML5 and crafts beautiful interactive and experiential websites (or apps) using its emerging technologies.

    • Implement consistent and flexible interfaces in HTML/CSS and use Javascript to bring them to life
    • Advanced understanding of emerging web technologies
    • Simultaneously collaborate on multiple projects
    • Dream up new features to delight users
    • Most importantly, get the features deployed!

    1. Knows HTML, CSS, Javascript Framework
    2. Knows PHP
    3. Specialized in Magento Development
    4. Can do Test-Driven Development (TDD)
    5. Knows Server Admin, Server Maintenance, Database Administration
    6. Experience of developing Magento
    7. Knows English language fluently is a plus
    8. Knows Laravel Framework is a plus
    9. Knows Android Programming is a plus
    - See more at: http://id.startupjobs.asia/id/job/1...s-media-makmur-indonesia#sthash.Z15sYttX.dpuf
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