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E-Mobile Today Pro v.5.1 (All BB - non touch screen)

Discussion in 'Free Talk Zone' started by jelounge, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. jelounge M V U


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    Oct 21, 2008
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    E-Mobile Today Pro v.5.1 (All BB - non touch screen)

    Completely redesigned e-Mobile Today Professional offers user much more controls with multi-facet interfaces to manage daily tasks, agenda, contacts, and more ...

    Take your BlackBerry user experience to the next level!


    * VIEWS:
    * * Easily switch between Today View, Icon view or Carousel View by pressing button on the side of phone.
    * * At-a-glace view of missed calls of today and past several days
    * * Make call directly by pressing the highlighted numbers.
    * * Send text message, dismiss calls with single click.
    * * All your contacts at a glance without leaving front screen.
    * * Make calls, send emails and text messages with a single press.
    * * Easily search for contacts or set appointments with contacts.
    * DATE & TIME:
    * * Choose between Analog or Digital display
    * * Supports 12/24 hr format.
    * * Powerful appointment manager. View today's and upcoming agenda from today screen.
    * * View appointments by DAY, WEEK or MONTH.
    * * View any appointments by a given date.
    * TASKS:
    * * View today's tasks, upcoming, past due or tasks with no due dates all from one place.
    * * Mark task completion with one key press.
    * * Option to hide completed tasks.
    * EMAIL:
    * * Get instant email notification on your screen.
    * * View unread emails by senders and subjects.
    * * Read email details with a single click.
    * * Delete multiple emails.
    * * Easily create meeting request by adding email to calendar.
    * * Choose different themes that fit your mood.
    * * Choose your own font size and color.
    * * Choose what goes on the screen and at what order.
    * * Support simultaneously opening multiple plug-ins on screen
    * EXTRA ADD-ONS (Separate purchase)
    * e-Mobile Today Weather Expansion Pack
    * * Add weather icon on top of Today screen.
    * * Provide detailed weather forecast for your city.
    * e-Mobile Today Stock Expansion Pack
    * * Add scrolling stock data on Today screen.
    * * Provide detailed stock quotes and others for your stocks and mutual funds.
    * e-Mobile Today News Expansion Pack
    * * Add scrolling up-to-date top stories, business, entertainment and sports news on Today screen.
    * * Provide news detail with single press.

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