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Bikin puisi nyok

Discussion in 'Motivasi & Inspirasi' started by TaupiG, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. TaupiG M V U


    Lurking Around

    Aug 27, 2009
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    Kita bikin puisi nyok

    Gua mulai ya

    In a night like this
    The storm passes all our dreams into reality
    If you spend your dream of seeing an alternate
    The path you choose to reach your dream

    The morning is still going to be
    Like drops of dew in the morning is soft to the "Eden"
    Without you, I embrace a 'light
    A light that is fragile
    Fragile enough to be broken by a breath

    Just as the sun smiles to your beautiful day
    As when the moon sings eternally for your dreams
    Just like the stars sparkling like them to you
    I will be there when you need me

    Just remember this
    I do not care what will be next year
    In what way does the next month
    What about tomorrow
    What can lie about an hour later
    Or that you think about the next minutes
    The only important thing is that I need you
    I love you
    And I miss you

    Whatever you are
    Whoever you are
    Whenever it is
  2. Ramasinta Tukang Iklan

  3. JiLL_DyiNgDreSS M V U



    Aug 24, 2009
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    Life is meaningless without you
    Love can be such a beautiful torture
    My heart breaks as I long for you
    Love can be such lovely torture

    I will climb the hills, draw my sword and take down
    Anyone who tries to stand in front of me
    Please know I'll never run away without you in my arms
    One day lovers will dream of this undying kiss
    Not of Romeo or Juliet
    Stories told of our love will never die

    I've slain the most unholy things, endured such terrific pain
    Finally I'll feel your caress again
    I've braved the cold and lonely seas, I have prevailed against the odds
    Then again...

    I will climb the hills, draw my sword and take down
    Anyone who tries to stand in front of me
    Please know I'll never run away without you in my arms
    One day lovers will dream of this undying kiss
    Not of Romeo or Juliet
    Stories told our love will never die

    Will you forgive what I've done to give you four white horses?

    One day lovers will dream of this undying kiss
    Not of Romeo or Juliet
    Stories told our love will never die

    pertamax gan :top:
  4. TaupiG M V U


    Lurking Around

    Aug 27, 2009
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  5. mellody Veteran


    Lurking Around

    Nov 27, 2008
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    Ada judulnya ga kk??

    saya juga punya nih...

    Listen To Me

    Again, we come into a day
    When words are something that we can rely of
    These are the evidence to seek the truth
    That already lost in labyrinth of despair

    Is it like this?
    Is it always the same?
    Why do people have words?
    Why can't people live as one?

    Sometimes, i don't have any courage
    Even to trust on anyone else
    But i know i was wrong
    Because, I've lost my confidence since that day

    Do you notice that?
    Do you try pretending to be ok all the time?
    Who will stand and protect you at a time like that?
    When you will feel free?

    There will be a day
    When you feel that you have lost all your strength
    But, even it is going to happen
    The Sun still rise and The world keep spinning

    No matter how you try to express your hopeless expressions
    No one will left you alone in the corner of this world
    I'm feeling so...
  6. TaupiG M V U


    Lurking Around

    Aug 27, 2009
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    +427 / -0
    Some stories tell sin to Life
    Some stories struck one into Death
    Some fables lies on people heart as revenge
    Some tales grow us older, as Human

    Some lies make us grow stronger
    Some truth can make us regret what we are
    Some deceive can make you believe what we don't
    Some provoke can kill those you believe the most

    Path you choose lies on those hand you soak
    Either it is by blood
    Wet by sin
    dry by holy deed

    Sometime we as people may be foolish
    Yet, sometimes we too are selfish
    We savor the blood of we love
    But, we hate those who draw theirs

    We maybe foolish enough to die for those we love
    But, sometimes we doesn't want to sacrifice our own body for others
    We human lives in lies
    But, we shalt seek forth the truth in our lies


    If to live means that I have to leave you
    I'll choose to gave up my live rather than living
    I imagine what could tick thee as I lie down.

    Thou hath ignite that blue flame
    which are love, pain and suffer

    Even though I have to depend on you
    Even though I wanna be embraced
    I'll trust this life on you

    Morning when I wake up alone,
    There's not enough warm.
    Only distant memories and embers embracing my heart

    If only by chance I had wings, I'd fly to you
    But, die for anyone. What have I become
    Anyway, there's a fine line between love and hate, and I don't mind
    It's okay to hope right?
    I'll protect your smile at least
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  7. mellody Veteran


    Lurking Around

    Nov 27, 2008
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    +6,578 / -0
    Here, in my room
    I've been showing so many feelings
    That no one else would know
    Which direction i'll go afterwards

    So many things that i want to give to everyone
    This feeling, This pain, This moments, please accept it all as a good memories

    At this kind of moment, the words that running around in my mind is only "Thank You"
    Even i can't say it out loud, i think anyone could understand the shape of my face

    Here, in my room
    I've been flooding this place with overflowing tears
    I'm not sad or anything but this is the result of each memories

    I've been searching the perfect words to express this feeling
    But, it's not like me who always telling something with uncertain thoughts

    At this kind of moment, the only thing that i could do is just humming the messages
    Even i can't do it properly but at least i didn't hurt anyone else

    I want to protect that time, so no one can interrupt the story
    I want to protect that experience, so you can embrace that moment

    If everyone could understand what does it means to take the pain,
    They will welcome the pain peacefully, not forcefully

    Here, in my room
    I understand it all..
  8. JiLL_DyiNgDreSS M V U



    Aug 24, 2009
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    hmm,judul yach ? gw nama in "as you wish" aj da .. :haha:
  9. DelQ M V U



    May 17, 2009
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    +119 / -0
    ikutan iseng yah... ini pernah gw kirim ke mantan, n skrg nangkring di fb...
    pendek aja... ^^

    for my rage get tamed
    were unrealized valuables mine
    of gloomy time
    were forbidden

    Blooms will fall apart
    Dropping as the heat go
    The fallen hide to grow
    Waiting for the snow to melt...

    Still, will time heal everything?

    *YAY!! Aq bisa bikin spoiler! :D*
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2009
  10. JiLL_DyiNgDreSS M V U



    Aug 24, 2009
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    :lol: kk quote aj post an org yg ad spoiler ny,nti jg tw ..

    ad 1 lg nih kk .. hope u like it :haha:
    sunlight warms my face only in dreams of you
    i know you'll wait for me,it's been too long
    beautiful eyes. beautiful lies to dull the pain
    beautiful eyes, beautiful lies,you're killing me
    i would wait for years just to feel you again
    i will die without you,would you my love?
    beautiful eyes, beautiful lies pour from your mouth as
    you scream his name,you're killing me

    cries escape your sweet voice as I kiss you one last time
    do you remember me and our beautiful affair?
    look in my eyes and honestly tell me our love is gone!
    why have you turned your back on me?
    one day you'll wake up and realize your mistake

    ice runs through my veins as I stand face to face with
    the one who stole it all
    compassion is not an option
    in love we're one, inseparable, pathetic lust, thus we crumble
    i saw your eyes, I wiped your tears, I waited for you...

    who do you see with your eyes shut tight?
    regret will be your bride
    cries escape your sweet voice as I paint my own goodbye
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  11. TaupiG M V U


    Lurking Around

    Aug 27, 2009
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    Seinget gua itu lirik Seduction-nya Alesana deh:onion-57:
    Band fav gua tuh.

    Just another night I alone wander through
    Without you here by my side
    Searching for a meaning that can make us tough
    even if it's one second I'll go through

    Now I know the truth
    now that I`m more gentle, I just want to say that I`m sorry
    For everything I wish that I could be

    Everyone is born from
    the same love of an important person
    Nobody is alone when they`re born
    because you`re never separate

    I'm your soul
    Too, I'm your shield
    Use me as your sword
    to go through this lonely world

    I remember those looks in your eyes
    The same sight from when we fall apart
    The same eyes who has silence me with its echoes
    The same person who I has promise to protect

    The moment that shake my existence
    The time I sworn an oath to her
    To protect her. Letting her count on me
    To be a reason for me to live

    Even if I'm lost. Even if I'm fallin'
    There's always someone I wanna protect
    Even in this vast universe
    There's always someplace I wanna return

    "It's okay. I'm with you"
    A words came flying towards you
    From me...

    Buka deh

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  12. JiLL_DyiNgDreSS M V U



    Aug 24, 2009
    Trophy Points:
    +2 / -0
    :haha: hha,trnyta ente tw toh .. nice2 bgt emg lirik ny
    klo yg ini emang gw ambil dr stu,bis lg buntu sih :haha:
  13. g9_vamps M V U


    Lurking Around

    Jul 10, 2009
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    +57,501 / -0
    Gw jg ikutan ah...:hihi:

    When the feeling crushed the heart
    Your steps made my move
    Then I try to chase your shadow
    but i lost in the deep of the forest
    My sense gone wild
    Never knowing what i did
    I ran before the sunset
    Then i see your smile across my feet
    I rechase your shadow crossing the field ahead
    but i step on the first landmine
    with the hope that won't give up
    then i step on the second landmine
    Your smile has been encouraging me
    So for the third time i step on the third landmine
    it's made me relize...
    that my love for you just surrounded by landmine
  14. manteero M V U


    Lurking Around

    Jan 13, 2009
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    +1,782 / -0
    nie dari koleksi gw...

    You have always calmed my heart
    Which has been trembling forever
    The understanding of this flooded heart
    Can’t be solved with just an equation
    I realized love is painful
    When I was right beside you
    Because I know you more than anyone else
    Your natural kindness compresses my heart so much,
    It hurts...
    Because my heart hurts day after day
    I spend countless nights without sleep
    Even though I’m looking at you right beside me
    You don’t understand
    Even though I think about you so much
    I can’t convey my feelings
    I wish I could go back
    To the day I first met you
    I’m so in love with you

    neh lagi tambahan dari gw biar ni thread rame...

    tanpa kusadari..
    hadirmu telah merasuk dalam hatiku...
    tanpa kusadari waktu berlalu sangat cepat saat kau ada didekatku...
    selama enam bulan kita bersama...
    setiap ku gemetar kedinginan di kegelapan...
    kau ada menemaniku tanpa pernah kau berpaling...

    kusadari ini semua salahku...
    walau kau terus ada disampingku...
    aku tak pernah menganggapmu istimewa...
    tak pernah memperhatikanmu...
    kini semua sudah terlambat...
    kini ku sadari semua...
    betapa besar perhatianmu...
    betapa besar cinta dan kesetiaanmu...
    andai waktu bisa terulang...

    kini kau telah menghilang...
    tak menemaniku lagi...
    mungkin inilah takdir kita...
    dan aku yg menyesalinya...

    semoga kau diterima disisi-Nya...
    aku akan selalu mengenangmu...

    ne lagi...
    tapi bahasa Indo kita tercinta...

    Jam dinding kamarku berdentang
    Detaknya melebihi jantungku
    Kaos yang berbau anyir
    Menebarkan segala keangkuhan dan kesombonganku

    Tumpukan wajah yang usai kupakai
    Menipu diri sendiri karena tak berani
    “Berartikah aku???”
    Tulisan seorang anak padaku
    Kusimpan dalam sakuku yang kutambal sendiri

    Tawaku tlah usang
    Kumpulan anak-anak menertawakanku
    Karena aku tiada ubahnya seekor kerbau
    Kerbau yang jarang kekota

    Aspal jalanan yang mereka banggakan
    Memanggang kakiku hingga melepuh
    Hanya beton yang keras
    Dan beribu lampu neon, membutakan mata hatiku

    Aku merindukan ilalang dibelakang rumah
    Aku ingin pergi kesungai bersama kawan lama
    Aku merindukan pula kekasihku yang tlah lama pergi

    Update lagi...

    Kadang cinta kurasa semu
    Hanya semacam kebutuhan jasmani
    Ya, kebutuhan para remaja
    Ketika aku sendiri bertambah dewasa

    Cinta kurasa jua
    Bagai penentu jalan hidupku
    Takdir yang tlah sejak dulu kutahu

    Sewaktu kecil,
    Aku tak merasa pada gadis
    Bagi diri kecilku,
    Gadis hanya bocah yang merepotkan
    Yang selalu minta jawaban
    tanpa berusaha memahaminya

    Tapi, tak urung jua
    Kadang kupandangi gadis-gadis bermain dengan ceria
    Tawanya seakan sorak-sorai menyemangatiku
    Apa aku sudah gila?

    Diantara kumpulan bunga
    Terdapatlah bunga yang paling indah
    Begitu pula aku tertarik pada seorang gadis
    Yang sejak lama telah kukenal

    Mungkin perasaan ini terlalu dini bagiku
    Walau kawanku berkata itu biasa
    Tapi kucoba tuk berusaha membuatnya tersenyum
    Bagiku senyumannya yg tulus
    cukuplah membuat jantungku tetap berdetak

    nie dulu puisi yg gw pake juga sebagai surat...
    update gan...

    Mempercayai kata-katamu…
    Bahwa kau mencintaiku…
    Dengan itu aku yakin dan maju tuk melangkah…

    Apa kau tlah berdusta…
    Saat kini ada ujian dari Yang Kuasa…
    Kau lari meninggalkan ku lara…

    Apa harus aku sendiri menghadapinya…
    Aku ingin agar kau ada menemaniku…
    Asal kau ada…
    Cukup berdiri dibelakangku…

    Aku akan berusaha membuat jalan…
    Agar kita bebas nantinya…
    Bukan berada dalam kendalinya…
    Biarlah aku mati disini…

    Aku hanya ingin kau bebas…
    Walau itu berarti aku yang harus mati…
    Kasihku yang selalu kucintai…
    Kenanglah bila aku tak kembali…

    Jangan tangisi aku…
    Tersenyumlah dan ingatlah aku…
    Walau tak utuh…

    Kumohon jaga kenangan tentangku…
    Walau setelah bebas kau kembali padanya…
    Itu pilihanmu…
    Aku percaya tiap ucapanmu…

    Kata yang membuat tegar kakiku…
    Mengepalkan tinju ditanganku…
    Yang selalu memacu adrenalinku…
    Yang mengurangi sakit dari hilangnya tiap titik darahku…

    Walau sekuat tenaga…
    Aku berusaha meyakinkanmu…
    Kau tetap berlari…

    Tapi takdir tepat dihadapanku…
    Maafkan semua salahku…
    Walau kini kau membenciku…
    Demi keselamatanku katamu…

    Aku tak kan mundur…
    Tak kan menyerah…
    Berusaha tuk tidak menyerah…

    Karena aku tetap percaya padamu…
    Terus terngiang dalam kepalaku…
    Dalam hatimu kau mencintaiku….
    Mungkin itu hanya perasaanku saja…

    Aku selalu percaya…
    Dan hanya percaya…

    Yang kau ucapkan hari itu nyata…
    Dan benar berasal dari hatimu…
    Tolong jangan lari…
    Hadapi dan jangan takut…

    Walau kakimu tak bisa melangkah…
    Jantungmu berdetak sangat kencang…
    Seakan menghadapi dewa kematian…
    Tolong jangan lari…

    Ini ujian yang tak kan pernah terulang…
    Hanya kepercayaan dan secercah keberanian…
    Senjata yang ampuh menghadapinya…
    Tolong tetap disini…

    Tak kan lari bak pengecut…
    Aku yakin karena aku percaya kata-katamu…
    Bahwa aku benar…
    Dan takdirku adalah ini…

    Aku tak bisa menenangkan hatimu yang bergejolak…
    Mungkin kau ketakutan…
    Aku juga bukan pahlawan yang akan selalu menang…
    Mungkin dirikulah yang jahat…

    Tapi aku hanya ingin agar kau juga percaya…
    Bahwa aku tak kan pernah lari meninggalkanmu…
    Apapun yang terjadi…
    Jangan berpaling dan tetap pandanglah kedepan…

    Langit memberikan birunya langit pada kita…
    Karena itu percayalah ada hari esok yang lebih baik…
    Dan berhentilah berlari…
    Hadapi saja dan jangan takut…
    Entah kau percaya padaku atau tidak…
    Tapi aku tetap akan disini…
    Tak kan menghindar atau lari…
    Karena aku punya harga diri…
    aku bukan pengecut…

    Ini takdirku…
    Aku harus menghadapinya…
    Walau ini yang terakhir kalinya…
    Tolong tetap disini dan jangan tinggalkan aku sendiri…

    Aku ingin kau berani…
    Hadapi hidup yang keras…
    Walau kini terasa sesak…
    Yakinlah nanti pasti ada hari kita bisa menghirup kebebasan…

    Kita bertemu…
    Semua ini adalah takdir…

    Aku lahir untuk menjalaninya…
    Kau juga…
    Karena itu kumohon diamlah dibelakangku…
    Jangan lari meninggalkan aku…

    Karena jika kau tinggalkan…
    Aku akan ragu…
    Serasa racun menyebar dalam darahku…
    Ragu akan arti kelahiranku didunia ini…

    Entah saat ini aku teringat kembali…
    Pada masa lalu yang indah…
    Mungkin Tuhan ingin memberikan isyarat padaku…
    Bahwa kita harus berusaha menghadapinya…
    Dan jangan lari dari permasalahan…
    Kita telah sama-sama dewasa…
    Lari bukan jawaban…

    Jangan lari lagi…
    Aku akan sedih dan teramat sedih…
    Dan menyerap dalam sumsum tulangku…
    Bila kau lari lagi…

    Tapi bila kau melakukannya hanya untuk keselamatanku…
    Aku tak peduli, karena hal ini tulus dari dalam hatiku…
    Karena itu jangan lari ataupun takut…
    Karena aku takkan lari…

    tambah lagi gan...

    Menemaniku kala kelam
    Mengajariku tenggelam
    Tenggelam kedalam pekatnya malam

    Membuatku berpikir sejenak
    Menyatukan segala asa
    Menerima karma
    Berlatih menjadi manusia tanpa rasa

    Bagian dari rasa
    Rasa yang tak perlu kau tanyakan
    Rasa yang merupakan bunga jiwa

    Tenangkan jiwamu
    Lalu tanyakan pada dirimu
    Tanyakan pada lubuk hatimu
    Pikirkan kembali segala keputusanmu

    Jangan kau tersesat
    Mencariku dalam gelap
    Karena aku ada tiap selmu
    Selalu menemanimu walau kau tak mau

    Pandanglah langit kala kau kesal
    Lihatlah apa yg dilukiskan Tuhan untukmu
    Tiap garis yg menenangkan jiwa
    Hingga kau berkata “ Langit Hari ini Indah ya.... “
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  15. Modjoh Regional Leader



    May 20, 2009
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    +5,794 / -1
    Waqs sekalinya ada yg bahasa indo langsung banyak post....

    A Chase in a horizontal line, if you flinch you lose, the race begins
    The rising impatience and cold sweat, terror engulfs you

    If you stop where you are
    The fire will never return to your heart again
    Embrace the fate that dwelt in your right hand

    With all your strength Keep on top, continuing to run, your speed
    They overtake you- if you see their black shadow, what will you do?

    If you lose your challenging heart
    you become worthless
    put the pride seized in your right hand into it

    You're the next
    Next Decade

    The horizon- to find the sleeping sun
    Tear apart the darkness
    Hurry on, even all alone
    For the next world is waiting...

    The prayer sworn in your right hand is forever

    You're the next
    Next Decade

    The starting line that lies ahead of where the goal is
    Aim, for faraway
    Hurry on, even covered in scars
    The future of this world is now...in your hands

    (bosen tema cinta)

    satu lagi deh

    Belaian angin membuka waktu berlari-lari
    Langit pertama yang terlihat
    Melihat impian di tempat ini ingin menangis
    Walaupun dengan kekuatanku
    Dapat merubah masa depan sesuai dengan rasa dan asaku

    Hingga tiba saat kita akan meraih impian
    Yang jadi kenyataan di langit yang membara
    Sebelum kita semua jadi dewasa
    Hingga di masa depan kita songsong impian

    Sampai saatnya nanti, kelak kita akan bertemu
    Dan impian bersama dalam debur angin
    Dan demi hari itu hari esok masih ada
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  16. g9_vamps M V U


    Lurking Around

    Jul 10, 2009
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    +57,501 / -0
    tambahin jg dh yg indo :hihi:

    Dikau tenggelam dalam lautan masa lalu
    Ku hanya menatap tukang gorengan melulu
    Dikau tidak menghiraukan keberadaanku
    Aku pun mulai bergerak mengambil satu (gorengan)

    Dikau tetap tidak menatapku dengan lembut
    Ku pun menggenggam tanganmu sedikit takut
    Tukang gorengan menatap dengan wajah seribu janggut
    Membuat dunia seakan berhenti menyahut

    Hanya ad kita berdua
    dan tukang gorengan

    Dikau terjerat dalam keheningan
    Ku coba lagi mengambil satu (gorengan)
    dan ku berkata
    Dinda di dunia ini tidak ada hal yg paling indah
    Selain gorengan...

    Dikau menatapku dengan tajam
    Seperti elang yang hendak mengancam
    Hatiku pun terdampar di padang kebahagiaan

    Detik demi detik gelombang angin yang berhembus menghantam rambutmu yg tergerai
    Ku berpikir...
    Dinda,keindahan dirimu yang terpampang
    Bak indahnya lekukan di setiap gorengan

    Kau berjalan lantang menembus kehangatan gorengan yang ku pegang
    Ku hanya berdiri kaku walau gorengan tetap di tangan
    Senyum di parasmu membelah keramaian

    Yang tak kupikirkan...
    Ternyata belahan masa lalu dikau adalah si TUKANG GORENGAN!!!!

    ~ +Ending ~

    Ku berjalan tanpa arah
    Menerpa daun-daun musim gugur

    Bidadari yang ku harap adalah masa depanku
    Memeluk kembali masa lalu

    Tersenyum pahit ku persembahkan untukmu
    Hanya menjadi paku yang bersemayam di hatiku

    Hari demi hari dan bulan demi bulan telah kulewati
    ku melangkah kembali
    meninggalkan rasa coklat bersamamu

    Dan kini...
    ku genggam harapan baru
    Bersamanya ku jalani kehidupan musim semi

    ~THE END~

    Semoga puisinya bermanfaat :smiley_beer:
  17. TaupiG M V U


    Lurking Around

    Aug 27, 2009
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    +427 / -0

    Hahahaha Konyol2 mantep dah gan:onion-13:
  18. yogiescool M V U


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    Aug 18, 2009
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    Ini Pusiku, langsung dibuat di tempat dalam 10 menit.....:piss:

    Anginnya membelai tanganku
    belaian halus di tengah mimpiku
    Hantaman angin ceritakan segalanya
    ceritamu, tentangmu, wajahmu.
    awan abu berbalutkan udara hangat
    kuhirup langkahmu di hidungku
    aku melihatmu
    memberi sejuta perasaan
    membuatku tertawa ingin melihatmu
    ingin kutarik, kurampas,
    kau dari ikatannya.

    keren khann!
  19. fay_ang M V U


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    Oct 11, 2009
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    ikutan ah...maap kalo nda bagus :malu1:

    ketika kita bergandengan tangan
    berjalan berbarengan
    membicarakan angan
    hingga terasa jauh melayang

    ketika kita bergandengan tangan
    terasa hangat
    senyum dan tawa pun tak tertahan
    beban di bahu terangkat

    ketika kita bergandengan tangan
    benci hilang, kesombongan sirna
    pun kata2 yang menyakitkan
    hanya ada damai di dalam dada

    aduh jadi ga pede ni... :dead:
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2009
  20. TaupiG M V U


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    Aug 27, 2009
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