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Social Network terbaru (bukan klikot,peoplestring,dll...)

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by wandy_ambrosini, Jun 19, 2010.

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    wandy_ambrosini Silent Reader Members

    May 15, 2010
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    social network ini baru diluncurkan.. tetapnya kapan ya..???:ehem: lupa..

    situs ini adalah gabungan dari klikot+peoplestring+facebook+twitter+lockerz plus2 dah pokoknya...:hahai::hahai: yang namanya baru... ya belom ada yg gabung lho...(maci sedikit coy..:cihuy::cihuy:)

    ayo jadi pioneer, dan raih money nya....

    yang mau join klik disini coy... http://join.yournight.com/masterhq

    oowww. satu lagi... situs ini mirip lockerz jack... jadi harus saya undang dulu baru bisa join.... cukup klik link diatas aja koq...



    nie ada 10 hal knp kita harus gabung dengan yournight.com :

    "1. YourNight allows you to set up FIVE separate profiles: Friends, Family, Blogging, Professional and Dating. No more do I have my family wrapped into all my business in the Social world. This ability to segregate and choose who sees what posts is worth the FREE (laughing) enrollment.

    2. The FIRST large social network to enter the arena since TWITTER. This industry is ready for a new large option.

    3. WIDGETS are the future of social networking! You are able to customize your YourNight with portal features that are clean and simple. So whether you want to load the normal Facebook or Twitter or have far more choices like CNN, Yahoo, hotmail (and more) you can now do this all from your YourNight account. Do you know how much faster my browser is with just one TAB…laughing.

    4. PRIVACY: OK, this topic has been discussed a lot and by far I have not seen a site that has created so many privacy options for their members.

    5. UNLIMITED # OF FRIENDS – The ability to invite my friends and build without restrictions. In Facebook 5,000 is the threshold. YourNight is not restricted as to how many connections we are allowed.

    6. EARN: OK, bottom-line, Facebook and Twitter and in fact most social sites did not pay me for inviting my friends. I did invite my friends to these sites and they did not even thank me :). If you get a chance when you go to YourNight, play with the EARN tab and the calculator is a blast!

    7. SIMPLE, CLEAR and ADVANCED technology: YourNight had the brilliance to combine forces with one of the world’s best web developers, ApogeeInvent. Apogee already has to their credit FIVE, Inc. 500 sites. You can research Apogee at http://www.facebook.com/l/e6609swfnyPRQoqXB2HGcZrjutA;www.apogeeinvent.com/

    8. BLOGGING: I personally really love blogging and I get a whole profile to do just that. As well there will be a video component loaded for our blogs too.

    9. SHOPPING: Coming soon! YourNight is including an innovative, first of its kind, global shopping mall. It’s a unique multi-vendor shopping platform that has been smoothly integrated into the social platform. One unprecedented in today’s market place.

    10. THE POWER OF BEING FIRST: The world’s easiest thing to do is to invite your friends.Can you imagine in a year from now HOW big this team will be? Can you imagine if the other social networks had allowed for this expedited intake?

    OK, honestly for FREE you can register with YourNight at watch this amazing site as it grows. Currently, we just released the 2.0 platform but very quickly 2.1 and 2.2 will follow. Question is “Do you want to invite your friends are you going to let them invite you.

    Never, have I seen a site that offered SO MUCH potential and with the power of ApogeeInvent behind this company, I expect the BEST web development to continue for years to come. The dawn of a new BIG Social Network and the market is saying, “It is about time!”

    ane dapet di blognya org luar bro...
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2010
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