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[National Geographic] Deadly Dozen Urban Jungle (2008)

Discussion in 'Dokumenter' started by jacksonus77, Aug 18, 2011.

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    jacksonus77 Silent Reader Banned User

    Aug 17, 2011
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    National Geographic - Deadly Dozen: Urban Jungle (2008) 720p HDTV X264-DVSKY
    English | 00:45:48 | H264 | 1280x720 | 29.97fps 3413 Kbps | AC3 384 Kbps 48.0khz | 1.12 GiB
    We might think our cities of glass, concrete and steel are immune to the dangers of nature. But were wrong. Wild creatures survive and even thrive in the heart of the city. Among these many species is an exceptional group of twelve an assembly of mammals, arachnids, and reptiles equipped with an arsenal of predatory and defensive skills and weaponry. Now, witness how they adapt and prosper in a world dominated by humans, hunting on the city streets or altering their behavior to capitalize our presence. Either way, when our paths cross with theirs, the results can be devastating. Theyre tough, and adaptable, and dangerousthey are The Citys Deadly Dozen.


    Use Jdownloader to Download no need wait at 120 site ^^.And like my post please comment.
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